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  • Excellent bin for recycling in kitchen.
  • April 30, 2012
  • Recommended Product
  • I was looking for a bin to attach to the inside of a kitchen cabinet to serve as a paper recycling bin and this works perfectly. The installation is easy and the quality more details...
  • By: tri987
  • I LOVE this trash can holder!
  • November 05, 2013
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product
  • Now that we recycle most of our trash I wanted a door mount trash can for the kitchen. I kept missing the trash can in the cabinet when I dumped my coffee grounds and had more details...
  • By: Chicagirl
  • Both fits on my kitchen sink cabinet doors for recycling & plastic bags. Compost is on the counter.
  • December 26, 2012
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product
  • Screwed to inside of doors and bins are thin enough to not hit the drain P trap or disposal housing. more details...
  • By: charliefunny
  • Wonderful product for inside cabinet door.
  • June 21, 2013
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product
  • Just the right size and fulfills my kitchen waste needs daily. Easy to install and uses regular size supermarket bags. more details...
  • By: katydid
  • This trash can is great for our samll bathroom in the vanity cabinet
  • October 12, 2011
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product
  • It only takes a couple screws to attach it to the door.Great small size for a small bathroom. Keeps the trash out of view. more details...
  • By: Thefixer
  • Product was okay
  • January 29, 2013
  • Verified Purchase
  • It was okay customer liked product and met their needs more details...
  • By: Mike
  • Door Mounted Waste Basket
  • January 11, 2009
  • Recommended Product
  • Good to have a container to put your wet garbage, but you can't keep anything in the cupboard in front of the container.Easy to mount, remove for cleaning and good tight more details...
  • By: Hellcat1st
  • Great idea!
  • May 21, 2008
  • Recommended Product
  • If you have room for this, it's always a good idea to have a door mounted waste basket. That way it is hidden away instead of your kitchen floor. more details...
  • By: graphic
  • May 13, 2012
  • Recommended Product
  • Love the simplicity and ease of installation. Wish the bin was a bit bigger though, it fills up pretty fast and while a standard-size shopping bag fits it doesn't fill up more details...
  • By: MHMH
  • Nice Enough for the Price
  • February 10, 2015
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product
  • The product was as described. It was easy and quick to secure to the cabinet door. We purchased 3 for our bathrooms and are happy. more details...
  • By: Thunder