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  • Works Well if used Wisely
  • August 21, 2013
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product
  • Purchased the brush system to clean out our dryer vent tubing during a remodel. Small brush worked just fine on the dryer. The round brush used for the vent tubing also w more details...
  • By: Golfboy
  • worked fine but brush fell off
  • September 20, 2011
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product
  • The brush worked fine, however the brush head fell off quickly and i had to disassemble my dryer vent pipe to retrieve it. I glued the brush back on (not with the cheap g more details...
  • By: kiefer
  • Be careful
  • November 01, 2014
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product
  • As others have noted, the brush head screws onto the cable attachment. The manufacturer recommends rotating the brush in both directions, which is likely to cause the bru more details...
  • By: Dave
  • Looks like it should work, but mine broke.
  • March 04, 2014
  • Verified Purchase
  • Just had a short 5ft straight section that I stuck the brush in and pulled it out, Then I wanted to run it back in while twisting, and checked the head attachment, becaus more details...
  • By: TS82
  • Waste of money
  • June 11, 2011
  • Verified Purchase
  • the cable is not soft enough to bend and follow the curve of the pipe more details...
  • By: dominique
  • did not work for me
  • June 11, 2011
  • Verified Purchase
  • I think this product will work for a long straight dryvent run. Maybe even if it has one 90 degree turn close to access point. My dryer vent run has two 90 degree turns c more details...
  • By: thfjudskkt
  • Works good!
  • December 26, 2011
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product
  • Only issue was with the attachment that goes down the lint trap of the dryer. It is very thin and stiff. Clogs easy and it shipped bent which makes parts of it even thinn more details...
  • By: Mark
  • Dryer cleaning brush-kit
  • September 18, 2012
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product
  • The product works, but the wire brush shaft is too stiff to make it around any corners. more details...
  • By: trumpet
  • Fire Preventer
  • April 24, 2012
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product
  • OMG I could not believe how much lint was in my vent. more details...
  • By: ekepner19
  • This Product didn't fill my needs
  • December 31, 2013
  • Verified Purchase
  • The fold in the vacuum attachment made it hard for lint to pass and the fold was hard to open, The vent brush was to short for my needs.The small brush worked well for cl more details...
  • By: Charles