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  • Melbourne Oak 24" Ventless Gas Fireplace Log Set
  • February 20, 2010
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

Not too hard to install, if you already have gas running into the fireplace. I had some trouble figuring out where some of the logs were supposed to go because the pictures with the instructions were too dark to clearly see the proper placement. When I called the manufacturer; they emailed me a pdf file with clearer pictures. Also, the unit comes setup for propane, so you have follow the instructions to reverse the orifice and modify the air intake (instructions could have been a little clearer on the latter). Whole install probably took about an hour since I am rather methodical about reading instructions, etc. Poorly packaged; one major log broken. Manufacturer didn't hesitate sending me a replacement; must be used to the complaint. The pilot took every bit of the 30 seconds it says you have to hold in the valve until the thermocouple was sufficiently heated for the pilot to stay lit. Gives off substantial smell first day of operation, so I would leave the flue open until the breakin is completed. Works great. I love the way it shuts off itself when the desired temp is reached then comes back on when the temp. drops. Have had it running 3 weeks straight since installed. Has greatly reduced the running of my low efficiency central furnace. Hoping for big gas savings. If nothing else, my wife no longer complains about being cold.


Troy, MI
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By: John3xv1
  • Used all winter
  • February 02, 2010
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

Replaced my old gas log set that required the flue to be open, and so sent 90% of the heat and my money into the atmosphere, I installed this set in about 30 minutes. (Hint: READ the instructions!) Make certain you set this up properly to what fuel you have installed, i.e. propane or nat gas. Burn the logs on high with your flue open for awhile, (read: hours) to get rid of the "chemical smell" or to "cure" the concrete logs. After that, I shut my flue, set the thermostat, and WOW, it heated the north end of the home good! The floor space on the first floor is about 1,800 sq feet. The room it was installed in had two exterior doors (one "door" is actually two...french doors, to the back yard, other is a normal exterior door to the front yard) and a door to the garage, all drafty, about 30 years old. I am buying another one for my living room (opposite side of the home) and I know atleast 2 others that have purchased these and love them. Few products are worth the money you pay, most don't work 100% as advertised, but I think this one is one of them. Never had a problem with flames going out. (product set to proper fuel?) and I dont think any gas fire place can hold a candle to the looks, smell and feel of a real wood fire. But this one is alot CLEANER, more efficient, and looks ok to me. I have owned this product for atleast 3 months, and it has been "on/running" 24/7 with no issues.


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By: erixun
  • Great Logs -
  • January 24, 2014
  • Recommended Product

Great logs, just note that they ship from the factory configured for propane use. If you're using with Natural Gas be sure to look at the instructions to make sure you correctly;1) Adjust vent for NG2) Correctly adjust set screw3) Push in selector plate and turn for NG setting (This unit ships with two pilot lights, one configured for propane, the other for NG - when configured for NG you will see some combustion coming from the propane pilot)Also make sure that you cut and move the thermostat that is zip tied to the bottom of the unit, otherwise it will turn down back to the pilot greatly confusing you. . . .

Pros: Lots of Features, Easy to Use, Looks Great, Nice Design Cons: Difficult to Install

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By: lemondadeguy
  • So Far So GOOD
  • October 20, 2013
  • Recommended Product

Installed my logs on Friday night. Left on for awile , went back to check, no heat at all, just flame. Got up the next morning turned on waited for the heat. No heat. Later that afternoon after being mad all day, deceided to make sure I did all the steps like I was supposed to. Noticed the FLU was open......Shut flu, DUMB, DUMB..... HEAT Wave.....AWESOME....Very satisfied

Pros: Easy to Install Cons: No Instructions
  • Pro


Murfreesboro, Tn.
55 to 64,Female
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By: Cathay1
  • Good product, horrible install instructions
  • November 05, 2013
  • Recommended Product

Would have been a five star rating, but I ran into the same problem that a number of other folks ran into, which involves the flames occasionally shutting off about 5 minutes after you power the set on. The instructions fail to mention cutting the zip tie and uncoiling the copper line on the bottom of the log set. This is the heat sensor which thinks the set is overheating as soon as you turn the logs on. This sensor must be removed outside of the fireplace. With this done, I'm now actually hoping to get some use out of these logs rather than just frustration.

Pros: Looks Great, Good Size & Weight Cons: No Instructions, Difficult to Install


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By: GasLogUser
  • Bad Smell
  • December 16, 2009

At first I thought the smell was just the logs burning off. However after further usage if the unit is turned on high (maximum heat) they smell horribly. If the unit is run very low there is no smell at all and is very pleasant to use. I am still trying to figure out how to use this unit on a higher setting without the smell.


Grand Island, NY
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By: jrg3
  • Logs and Pilot light
  • February 08, 2010
  • Verified Purchase

When we received the order, the logs were all broken, logs were in the bottom of the box separated by a piece of cardboard and this bubble plastic----also, the pilot would not stay lit.Amazing, product like this being shipped the way it was was not good. I had to order over the internet because in JANUARY Home Depot was clearing out the stoves, fireplaces etc.,


McRae, AR
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By: scholar
  • Great solution...
  • February 05, 2010
  • Recommended Product

We had remodeled the house and taken out the chimney for the wood burning fireplace. The fireplace was a messy thing and it leaked around the chimney. We replaced it with the vent free gas and it does a great job. Puts out alot of heat. No mess. And no going outside in the rain or snow to get wood.


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By: Onsted
  • Nice log set, poorly written instructions.
  • January 13, 2013
  • Recommended Product

Nice log set that puts out a lot of heat. You will also need a flexible gas connection kit such as: BrassCraft Safety+Plus Advantage Gas Installation Kit for Range and Dryer Model # PSC1081 K5 (Home Depot Store SKU # 345781) if you don't already have one. I like the thermostat feature that will lower the gas/heat output when the room warms up.I would have given this a 4 star rating but I considered the instructions to be somewhat poorly written and confusing.

Pros: Easy to Use, Nice Design Cons: poorly written instructions.
  • DIY


Alabama, USA
65 or over,Male
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By: VicP
  • November 13, 2013
  • Verified Purchase

A professional installer worked to try to get these logs with the 'universal' installation kit to work for 2 hours. The 'universal' is not. The logs and pilot light kept going out after 5 minutes. He tested the Temperature Sensor, which is supposed to shut off the fire at 230 degrees; it passed 300 degrees each time before quitting. The noxious fumes from the ceramic logs was overwhelming. We never had that problem with other gas logs. We had to disassemble everything, box it back up and carry that heavy box back down stairs for the trip back to Home Depot.

Cons: Too Heavy, Difficult to Install, defective, poor quality, noxious fumes
  • DIY


Philadelphia, TN 37846, USA
55 to 64,Female
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By: dixierose325