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  • Its works, but with some drawbacks
  • November 13, 2012
  • Recommended Product

I was skeptical that this device would work as intended. I had two ceilings to paint, a bathroom ceiling and home office ceiling. Typically I do the trim work by hand, without tape. I have a steady hand and with a decent brush can get it done rather quickly and cleanly. But am always looking to save time when it comes to painting.The good- Around ceiling fixtures (vents, lights, etc) it worked great. Much faster and easier than painting by hand. The width of the painted area was more than enough to not have to worry about getting a roller brush close to a light fixture. Around the corners of the ceiling, it fared less well, but still acceptable. In areas that were not smooth the hard applicator would not get full coverage. But even with a few gaps in coverage the total time for doing the trim work was cut by at least half. For me, at the price of this device that is acceptable.The bad- it did drip some. I had to keep a paper towel in hand to wipe away excess paint every now and then. After a little while I learned how often it would need to be cleaned off and so didn't have any drops on the floor after getting used to it. I don't like that it needs replacement pads. It comes with three. I did not attempt to clean the first one I used, but will try to clean the remaining ones after use.

Pros: Easy to Apply, Good Coverage
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Chester Springs, PA 19425, USA
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By: cloned
  • saves time!!! no taping needed!!!
  • November 14, 2012
  • Recommended Product

I HATE taping and the fact that this product eliminated this step is awesome. I like that you are able to adjust the flow of paint to how fast you are moving the edger along the surface. After reading other reviews I didn't have any issues refilling the paint. Slowly suction some up then flip it and push out the air and then fill up some more. This product is also great to make quick work out edging around light switches and outlets. I preferred to still take the covers off, but you can quickly paint around these areas. Oh and clean up... NONE!!! LOVED THAT! Just toss the one time use brush & paint dispenser.

Pros: Easy to Apply, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use


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  • Easy to use
  • December 18, 2012
  • Recommended Product

After reading the previous reviews we were kinda scared to buy this product. We took a chance and bought the edger at our local home depot. Not needing to tape was worth the price of the edger. We used it without any problems what so ever around our bathroom next to the ceiling. We need to paint the ceiling edges still so we'll see how well the edgers "edges" meet up. So far so good and works just like it should. We kept the paint flow on a low setting and had no run off and the tubes sucked up paint just fine. We did wash and reuse the edge attatchments. Can't see why others had such a problem. My only worry is the edges meeting on the wall and ceiling. I'll write back when were done and say how true the edge is.

Pros: Even Application, Easy to Apply, Easy Instructions, Good Coverage, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Looks Great, Dries Quickly


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By: Notapro
  • does a fair job creating an edge!
  • October 28, 2012
  • Recommended Product

Unlike many edging tools (less expensive as well), this one works quite well. It does require thorough cleaning between usage. You do need to practice little to get the flow rate correct (which is adjustable) and then you can make a very good line. For perfectionists, you might have some really small areas where the wall is not absolutely straight (such as where the ceiling and wall meet or if you have an accent color next to the edge you create), but creating the illusion of a line is still less work using this tool. Make sure when you load the paint cartridge that it seals (small leaks can make a mess).For cleaning, I used the paint cartridge (syringe) to back wash the painting head.

Pros: Easy Instructions, Good Coverage, Easy to Use Cons: Difficult to Clean


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By: NotAProPainter
  • Nice idea, bad execution
  • November 15, 2012
  • Verified Purchase

It is a convenient device, with some learning curve to limit the amount of paint applied to get a consistent coating without bleeding. Once I got the hang of it, I was able to get a decent 2-coat coverage. But the second time i went to use it, it did not work. And filling the syringe was not very effective...

Pros: lightweight Cons: stopped working
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By: jdjd
  • Worst product ever!!!!
  • November 13, 2012

If you want dripping paint on your hands, floor, walls etc. then buy this edger. I also had high hopes, as I hate taping. But honestly, this thing was horrible. I have painted many rooms in my lifetime, so I understand how paint works. The suction is lousy in this thing, so it constantly drips paint. Trying to get just the right amount of paint out is a challenge. Then certain angles are a challenge. Then it works for about 2 feet and the batteries don't seem to connect with it, so it shudders and jumps. What a waste of money and time. I'm cleaning mine now so Home Depot can have it back. Good concept, but has a long way to go before it is marketable.

Cons: drips, does not work, makes a mess, expensive, faulty
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seattle, WA
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By: haha0002
  • Definitely Not Worth The Expenditure
  • November 23, 2012
  • Verified Purchase

I'd have given this product 0 stars had it been possible. I hardly know where to begin. Filling the paint tube is comparable to trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Took many attempts each time and had to almost completely immerse the fill tube in the paint can to get any kind of positive results. Then, the initial applicator pad provided with the edger was defective (it took two load attempts to figure this out). It appeared to lock into the edger, but when you inserted the paint tube and released the spring, the pad popped out and spewed paint everywhere it wasn't supposed to be. The first time I attributed to user error, so after a 20 minute cleanup of the (yet unused) edger and surrounding area, I attempted another load,after ensuring (I thought) that the pad was positively locked in the edger. Same basic result, although not quite as messy as I didn't let the spring fully engage the paint tube this time. So, yet another cleanup of paint from the inner areas of the edger. Inserted a different paint pad into the unit and was able to load the edger on the third try. Trying to set the flow rate is an art form I am apparently not particularly good at. I guess artists and engineers don't mix well. After realizing that one shouldn't attempt this adjustment on an actual edge,I was able to achieve satisfactory results after painting a goodly portion of the wall. The coverage when I was able to actually start edging was adequate, though not outstanding by any stretch of the imagination, One still needed to be ready with the trusty trim brush to feather everything in. When I attempted to lay the unit down to move the drop cloth to a different area, paint leaked profusely out of the rear of the paint tube, into the innards of the edger and all over the drop cloth. Of course, I hadn't expected this, so I blindly reached for the edger and got a handful of paint which I then proceeded to transfer to the exterior of the edger. Another stop, another 20 minute cleanup. I reasoned that since the original pad was defective, maybe the paint tube was also, so I tried the second one supplied with the unit. See above for the tribulations of getting it fully loaded. As it turned out, it made no difference.That one leaked from the rear of the paint tube as well. So after more than two hours invested in trying to get this thing to work and after only edging approximately ten linear feet of the room, I gave up in disgust and returned to the old tried and true method for cutting in the edges before rolling. I gained nothing other than a whole lot of frustration. Your mileage may vary and I truly hope you have better luck should you decide you wish it try it anyway. If you do, give me a shout. I'll gladly send you the accessory kit I purchased with the unit that was never used or opened.

Cons: just plain doesn't work well
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Brockport, Horton, PA 15823, USA
55 to 64,Male
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By: Jack
  • November 20, 2012

I have painted may home projects and am not a complete novice. Didn’t even get a chance to use it. The paint tube, with a plunger mechanism, that is inserted into the paint can would not suck out any paint, and even had a hard time sucking water. This was a complete waste of my time.

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By: PaintMyHome
  • Very poor job!
  • November 11, 2012

This might be a decent product if your walls are perfectly straight with no imperfections. This thing worked so poor that I am looking forward to returning it. The paint came out horrible and ran all over the pad. I tried every setting and it was either too thick or too thin, there was no "happy place".If this edger hit a bump in the wall, a piece of caulk on the moulding or picked up a piece of dust, it all but stopped working.B&D usually puts out a decent product....but this thing is a joke! How this ever got by their product testers is beyond me!!I gave this product 1 star because I can't figure out how to give it negative stars!!!

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Haymarket, VA, USA
35 to 44,Male
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By: Dave
  • Completely useless
  • November 13, 2012

I'm really surprised that anyone got this to work. It's basically a big hypodermic needle with a paint pad at the end.I couldn't get more than 1/4 of the paint tube to fill with standard latex trim paint. The air would just slip past the plunger and fill the tube with air instead of paint.After placing the paint tube into the gun, you release a spring loaded plunger. Then you are supposed to meter the paint out by pulling the trigger. instead, paint immediately started to saturate the pad and form a blob on the applicator..In conclusion, this is a complete waste of time.

Cons: doesn't work
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Syracuse, NY, USA
55 to 64,Male
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By: Eric35