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  • Great Idea, TERRIBLE Quality
  • September 15, 2014

I am about to return my 2nd one of these. The first kit lasted for 5 holes before the tip of the drill bit broke off. Basically, the kit's entire problem is in the poor workmanship of the metal guide holes. The angle isn't quite right, leading to the drill bit scraping the edges. Between the tiny metal fragments and the heat/speed of the bit, it creates a tiny metal "barrier" inside the guide hole and renders the product unusable.I figured it was a faulty drill bit / metal guide piece in the first kit, so I went back to Home Depot and exchanged it for another kit. This time, I examined the metal guides a bit closer before using them.1. First thing I noticed is that the holes were not the same shape as the first kit's. The first kit seemed to have two holes that both had different angles (you could easily tell just by eyeballing the height of the opening). I figured this was intentional. The second kit's exit holes were almost identical in height. I used both and they produced nearly identical drilled holes, which was a different behavior from the first kit. That's shoddy workmanship right here - two products behaving THAT differently.2. Second thing I noticed is that the exit holes on the 2nd kit were not uniform in shape. I'm not sure how they were manufactured, but there were imperfections all around each exit hole. Again, shoddy workmanship / manufacturing. You can see this in the photo I've attached.3. The second kit lasted for 9 holes before the same metal barrier cropped up again. The second guide hole didn't work at all. The result was just a burning smell and a bunch of metal dust all over the semi-hole in the wood. This is particularly frustrating - a total of 14 holes drilled between two kits and two separate trips to Home Depot.4. I did not use any of the "coarse" screws but the "fine" screws were about 50/50 in terms of getting a good one. After the 6th screw, the next three had imperfections in the threading of the screw, basically resulting in a rough hole into the wood instead of a tight coupling. After FINALLY getting them out, I switched over to some similar-length wood screws I had bought for a different project, and those worked a LOT better - even better than the first ones that seemed to go in fine.In the end, the only usable piece was the drill bit from the 2nd kit. Instead of driving to Home Depot for a 3rd time to exchange the kit AGAIN, I just ended up carefully eyeballing the angle and manually drilled in the last few holes. It worked well after I did a few test holes, but it definitely was not as clean and uniform as I would have gotten if the metal guide simply worked as it should.I cannot recommend this product to anyone. Despite the name, there is nothing "pro" about the quality of this product. It's a very cool idea, and if it were manufactured better, I would definitely keep it.

Cons: Not Durable

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Bozeman, MT
25 to 34,Male
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By: jhilgeman
  • Pocket Hole Jig Kit
  • February 05, 2011
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

The kit worked very well and easy to use for the dog gate I was making. Product would be better if the there were to set screws on the back, not only for smaller pieces but also to secure the piece in more properly each time. Another piece of information when using the kit, depending on the wood you are drilling and the thickness there could be cracking at the pocket hole. Overall I was and it worked as I expected it to.

San Antonio, Tx
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  • Drill bit broke after a few pocket holes
  • May 13, 2015

Drilled about a dozen pocket holes and the pilot point of the drill bit snapped off, rendering the bit useless. Tried to get by with a 3/8 spade but, but no dice. The metal of the drill bit and square driver are cheap and really let this set down.

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By: darganslayer
  • Great idea, poor execution and quality
  • September 23, 2014

I'd seen these and similar before but thought I'd give it a try for a railing project. This product seemed straight forward enough, sturdy metal construction, but....The clamp is centered between the two guide bushings making clamping of slightly round stock unreliable. Following the instructions, I verified the depth of the drill stop but in use I got metal shavings out with the wood making me question the hardness of the steel bushings. The second hole (second bushing) gave metal flakes and the bushing spun and migrated back up the drill bit. Finishing the hole put the bushing back in place. It is now loose but not loose enough to extract and Loc-Tite, J-B Weld, or Devcon in place.Looking at the bushings one is chamfered and the other is not which leads me to believe the loose bushing was not swaged in place.Back it will go!

Cons: Not Durable, poor quality
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Everett, WA
55 to 64,Male
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By: WeekendWarrior
  • Ok, but quickly out grew it
  • December 30, 2014

This was my first Jig purchase. It worked well for what I thought I needed, but aftter just a few uses I realized I needed more. It is not adjustable, so when you drill into something like a 2X4 the holes are too close to the edge and quickly split under a light load. Certainly worth it if you plan on working only with 1X boards. Bigger than that and you might be disappointed.

Pros: Easy to Use, Light Weight Cons: Limited Features
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Honolulu, HI
35 to 44,Male
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By: CanJo
  • OK for 1in work
  • July 09, 2012

I purchased this kit for use on a small furniture project. It is easy to use, but has one big drawback. It is only useful for 1inch lumber. Because the jig forces you to use one set distance from edge it is not useful when using larger lumber. In my case, I wanted to use pocket holes to screw a tabletop to a base from the bottom in order to avoid holes/plugs etc. The base is constructed of 2 inch lumber. Using this jig results in a hole very close to the edge of the board which is not what I was looking for in terms of strength/stability.It does what it is advertised to do, but for larger wood dimensions I would recommend the Kreg Mini Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Kit (Model # MKJKIT) which allows you to set your distance from edge and therefore the location of your exit hole.


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By: satmanGA
  • Great tool, easy to use
  • April 03, 2012
  • Recommended Product

I read the reviews between this and more expensive products before purchasing for about two weeks. I decided to purchase this to work on a project of building a queen bed. Boy am I happy I did. The tool was easy to use, just slap in the board and make the pocket holes. I did make a few mistakes on some scrap pieces and did see some metal shavings, but that was more my inexperience than a flaw in the tool's design. Hold the drill level, everything works great. Once I figured it out on the scraps of wood, I was making every joint with pocket screws and gorilla glue. I am happy with the way the project turned out. I was able to turn a 4 or 5 day project that would have used dowels and glue into a 2 day project using this pocket screws and glue. I have attached a picture.

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Denham Springs, LA, USA
35 to 44,Male
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  • March 03, 2011

This is General Tools attempt to create a pocket hole jig which, unlike other pocket hole jigs on the market, does not require making manual adjustments to the jig to compensate for various thicknesses of lumber. After using this jig for a short period of time it becomes obvious that they did not succeed. Here is why...The EZ Pro Delexe Pocket Hole Jig is set at a fixed angle. There is no adjustment to change it. When you drill a pocket hole with this jig the pilot hole that is drilled always ALWAYS exits the board being drilled 3/16 inch from the edge of the board. This is no matter the thickness of the board being drilled. ("3/16 inch" is an average - there is a lot of 'play' between the jig and the drill bit right out of the box which makes drilling accurate and consistent holes impossible..)Joining boards with screws exiting 3/16 inch from the edge of the boards makes for very weak joints. I find the screws are easily pulled-out, and the wood destroyed in the process, when a joint made with this jig is twisted.Also, I found that the 'play' between the drill bit and jig increased with use. The jig is made from aluminum, and I never drilled a hole without finding some amount of metal shavings (aluminum, from the inside of the jig hole) mixed in with the sawdust from the holes I drilled.Finally, the 'kit' comes with 24 wooden plugs that you are supposed to be able to use to plug the pocket holes drilled. The wooden plugs don't fit. You would think they would since there are no adjustments that can be made to the jig (so the angle of every hole should be the same) - but the wooden plugs don't fit. Not even close.This jig will not make strong joints, in any thickness of lumber.


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By: Jamey52
  • It works well but lacks awesomeness
  • July 10, 2013

I was in the market for a pocket hole jig and of course saw the Kreg and it's high price. I immediately started looking for a cheaper alternative. This was one of the options. In short I bought it and ended up returning it because it was a little janky. They cut corners to make a cheap alternative to the high-price one mentioned above. The clamping mechanism is no bueno. Nothing beats an actual clamp. The wing-nut thumb-screw just doesn't hold.It'll help you get the holes you want but I would NOT recommend this for lots of holes. You'll go nuts in frustration. Spend the $ on the higher price one, keep your sanity, and do pro pocket holes.

Pros: Good Size & Weight, Light Weight Cons: Limited Features, clamp is not very good
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Los Gatos, CA, USA
25 to 34,Male
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By: touchy79
  • Poor quality
  • August 05, 2015

My mistake for trying to go the cheaper route. The jig only allows one depth. The screw bit stripped after two screws and the amount of metal shavings that come out after each is ridiculous. I am surprised Home Depot even carried something this low grade.

Cons: poorly made
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35 to 44,Male
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By: ucanchor6