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  • Mows like a tractor with 10 more hp
  • March 26, 2012
  • Recommended Product

Great product. Very easy to use. The only problem I have had is the deck collects a huge amount of debris. And with the plastic safety shields in place in is a hassle to clean. The turning radius almost eliminated my trim work. I never would have thought a rider would drive and turn like this one.

Pros: power, quality cut, turing radius Cons: debris issue


Williamsburg, KY 40769, USA
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By: doogie568
  • really smooth mower
  • March 29, 2012
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this is my second 100 series mower , the first was a 130 and this one is a 140 . the briggs 22 hp engine is really powerful , smooth running , and bullet proof . seat is really comfortable , has a great turning radis , and the cut is great really spreads the cut grass out over a wide area instead of leavine a line of piled grass in your lawn . i live in the country and my property is not all that level but that is not a issue when you have a john deere

Pros: its a john deere


Livingston, KY 40445, USA
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By: tank
  • works great
  • May 02, 2012
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make sure you grease the wheels the fittings are inside the hub........other than that it runs strong!


ontario canada
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By: cowboy
  • excellent product
  • May 06, 2012
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i just bought a d140 about 6 weeks ago and i have another coming in another week-i've also purchased an l120,la145 and an la155. everyone of them still run with over 900 hours on the 120.wouldn't use any other machine for what we do. my problem is i keep giving them to others so they can experience it for themselves. we also just recently purchased a big tractor for some property in south texas-the model escapes me-wouldn't own anything else

Pros: purchase @ dealer same cost as hardware store Cons: absolutely none


irving texas
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By: cg61
  • Great Mower
  • May 08, 2012
  • Recommended Product

This is a great mower. I enjoy it more every time I use it. It's comfortable, drives great, and cuts even better. My yard actually looks better after mowing with this than it did with my old mower. It has plenty of power and is surprisingly quiet. Briefly considered getting a Craftsman to save some money, and I've always been happy with Craftsman, but just couldn't do it. I made the right choice. If you're thinking about getting one, do it. Don't settle for something else to save a little money. You wont regret it.

Pros: quality, drives great, cut


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By: JDGreen
  • May 14, 2012
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Canaan, NH, USA
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By: TERRY1960
  • The Best
  • May 17, 2012
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I have owned one other deere and was very happy. This D140 is out of this world. Quiet, Powerful, smooth cut, comfortable, it's like a Cady compared to others. If your not sure what to buy get the deere you will never be sorry!!!!!!!!!!

Pros: everything Cons: nothing


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By: Englishmoss
  • Good value
  • May 21, 2012
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Mows 3 semi hilly acres with ease. Takes less time to cut than with Craftsman I had.


Finleyville, Pa
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By: spudsy66
  • It's a DEERE
  • June 05, 2012
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I got my first DEERE. I named it the DUDE. It has a rattle in the mower deck or steering, not sure which yet, but this thing surely mows well, Cut my mowing time from my 32 year old Craftsman in half. I picked up a bumper for the front, which is very nice. I have a tendency to bump into trees. The turning radious is great, the ride is smooth. Got to love the twin engine, sounds nice and lots of power and good on gas. Not a fan of all the safety equipment, but I'll get use to it. I also got the cover and a trailer... I look pretty cool in the yard!

Pros: it's a deere, good on gas, ride steering, adjustable seat, foot control Cons: rattle in deck or steering


Mancelona, MI 49659, USA
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By: AWK586
  • Plastic front end
  • June 05, 2012
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Agree with the other posts, it is a good quality tractor that does a good job. Suggest you buy the optional front bumper as the tractor can accelerate quickly and with the front end being made of plastic... Trees + acceleration = ?


Saint-Lazare, QC G0R, Canada
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By: Iltis