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  • Wanted An Old School Washing Machine
  • June 13, 2012
  • Recommended Product

I took a lot of time searching for a new washing machine and finally decided on this one based on the good reviews and classic qualities I was looking for. I wanted an old school washing machine: one that filled up with water, had an agitator, and a lid that wouldn't lock you out during the wash cycle.The first load of wash that I did in this machine was a large load with two sets of sheets (one queen set and one full set) and a tablecloth. I selected the "super" load option and not the "precise fill" option. (I was actually disappointed when I saw that this washer even had a precise fill option and also disappointed to see that it was energy star. I must have missed that when I ordered. Don't get me wrong, we are very earth friendly and are all for composting and reusable bags, hanging clothes to dry, etc, but when it comes to my washing machine I like it to FILL UP with water!) So, after the machine was done filling up on the "super" load size selection, I looked in to see that the tub was only about 1/2 to 2/3rds full of water. What is the point of having a large tub if it's not going to fill up with water?? I was disappointed right off the bat.I added two mop buckets full of hot water to my tub for the soak cycle so that the tub was almost full. I like the soak cycle on this machine because it softly agitates it occasionally during the soak cycle. The machine did fine with the extra added water in it. I was happy with the rest of the washing, and it should be noted that I had absolutely no trouble whatsoever with the sheets getting caught or any problem with the agitator at all, like the previous reviewer mentioned. The sheets came out clean.This review was written after only one use and I will write a follow up if necessary. Overall I think it's a decent machine.


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By: laundry
  • DO NOT BUY GE!!!
  • July 11, 2012

I've had this washer less than two weeks and it's already breaking down. First, during the agitate cycle it began making an awful scraping noise (very metallic). Then, because the motor was clearly having difficulty actually agitating, it kicked the circuit breaker twice while trying to run one cycle. This washer is a super expensive piece of junk! The dryer is no better as my review on it will explain.


25 to 34
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By: Satisfied
  • the electronic control panel is terrible
  • November 01, 2012
  • Verified Purchase

i had great hopes for this GHWN5250DWS machine, and did lots of research. i always soak my clothes for several hours during the wash and rinse cycles, and the push-pull dial knobs on the older washing machines are perfect for this. i thought i could still do this by lifting the lid or hitting the pause button, but the electronic brain still decided it knew best, and was completely unpredictable. often i had to pull the plug out just to get it to stop agitating, even with the power button off and no lights showing. then when i would turn it on again, it would not start even though the light display showed it was in the wash cycle with 50+ minutes left (and i never used the machine soak setting). so it was completely unpredictable and unreliable as to what it was going to do next and how long it would take. there was no reset button and turning the power button off or pulling the plug did not reset it. finally, all i could do was put it on "wash cottons," and let it fill, and finally after maybe 5 minutes i would hear that it was agitating, then i would go stand by it for another five minutes, and then turn the knob to drain and spin. and finally it would turn itself off, and then i would start the whole process over again for the rinse cycle. finally it leaked out the bottom two times (the leak was not the drainpipe--i put a pan under it and it was dry, but the towel i put on the floor at the side got wet). so after the second leaking. i called and asked to replace it with this much simpler machine GTDP280EDWW with a push-pull dial and far fewer setting and choices which confused the electronic circuits of the Adora3.9 model. the GTDP280ED also has a circuit board inside trying to think its way through the menus, but at least the menus are much simpler. i would pay twice as much for an old style machine with controls that directly controlled the actions of the wash cycle. i hear speed queen still makes a washer like that, but home depot does not sell them. i really hate these new electronic circuit board controls on washing machines.

Cons: Not Durable, Difficult to Use, leaked two times, electronic controls completely unreliable, extremely slow to respond to controls, power button does not stop it must pull out plug, hideous waste of time, completely unpredictable
  • DIY


Washington State
65 or over,Female
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By: katie
  • Not getting out underarm smell.
  • November 09, 2012

First: Home Depot customer service is great. For maximum customer service and a better return policy, purchase it over the phone from your local HD rather than online.Second: I may be returning this washer. Since I called w/in 48 hrs to say I was having subpar performance but still wanted to give it a real go, they are allowing me to make up my mind w/in 30 days. This is important b/c I am a single woman who doesn't do that many loads of laundry. As it is, I hope to have a SAHM friend come over to give my machine a whir.Third: I love the features on this machine. I like that it is partially old school. I really want to love this machine, BUT....Four: So far I simply cannot get it to clean as well as my former old school machine. In particular, the underarms on some or even all of the shirts in a given load reek and have to be rewashed despite the fact that I pre-treat them with Biokleen (as I did with my old machine). It is not atypical for me to have to rewash a shirt once every couple of months, but so far every load has been a miss. I am also unsure that it spins as well as my old machine (that I got off of Craigslist!). It seems some items are damper than I'm used to.Caveat: I wash the bulk my clothing on cold. I always have, as most of my labels require it. When I did some rags and undies and socks on hot, they were impressively clean. Also, I've only done several loads in this machine so far. I am experimenting with both "Tap Cold" and "Cold" and various amounts of detergent (one thing that is confusing about this machine is that it prefers but does not require HE detergent; however, after calling G.E. for advice, the G.E. guy and I determined that the amount of detergent used in a normal non-HE machine is most likely necessary for this machine unless your water is very soft; that detail is unclear in the directions). I have tried both precision fill and presetting the water cycle (and erring on the high side). But so far I have been trying to avoid using an extra rinse for my bright colors considering how long the laundry cycle on this machine already is (I don't want everything to fade too fast), but then I typically only used the extra rinse for light colors on my old machine too and did not have this smell problem with it.I am disappointed to say that once I've had a chance to do two more loads there is a very good chance this will have to go back. I spent almost a week researching machines in all my free time and was sure this was the one. Sigh.

Pros: Lots of Features, Easy to Use, Sturdy Cons: not getting smells out


35 to 44,Female
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By: Deb
  • I HATE this washer
  • July 10, 2012

This washer is so loud it sounds like its going to take off. If its close to your t.v. be prepared to turn it almost all the way up. Sometimes when I take clothes out they are dry in areas like water never touched them. This washer makes the most horrible clicking sounds. It sounds like something is breaking during every wash. I am considering going through the hassle of returning it.

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25 to 34,Female
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By: SingleMom
  • product has good features
  • May 14, 2012
  • Verified Purchase

I like the washer except for the spin cycle. no matter what size load I put in it is always off balance....


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  • September 08, 2012

NO washer in 2012 Should Ever Sound like this! LOUD-SOUNDS LIKE ITS BREAKING. I had it for 1 Day-& cdnt stand it. IF you want to hear non stop noise & take 1 hr to do a load..This is it!

Pros: delivery, hd cust svc Cons: invest in ear plugs, looks nice


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By: Headache
  • Purchased GE GHWN5250DWS,model discontinued,returned
  • July 05, 2012

I was pleased with the sale price on this machine as I waslooking for a dependable basic washer that was not over-priced.I got the electric dryer too but found out both are no longer made., i DO NOT WANT TO WORRY ABOUT PARTSBEING AVAILABLE FOR AN EXTINCT MODEL SUCH ASTHE GE ADORA GHWN5250DWS & matching dryers.RETURNED!! Shopping for topload LG after indepth research,personal preference & budget.,


65 or over,Female
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By: TandyJ
  • For the cost, a very good buy.
  • September 18, 2012
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

For the cost, a very good buy%%%%%%% ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ &&&&&&&&&&&&& *************** (((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))

Pros: Lots of Features, Easy to Use, High Quality

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  • bad washer
  • November 30, 2012

one time it did not fill all the way with water. lots of times dose not spin cloths are to wet

Pros: Looks Great Cons: wheak
  • Pro

Sheboygan, WI, USA
45 to 54,Male
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