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  • Flood Proof
  • June 12, 2012
  • Recommended Product

I put this Allure Flooring in my basement because of its great look. Installation is an absolute breeze. All you need is a razor knife and knee pads. The plank style allows you to stagger the pieces like you would do if installing real wood making it look authentic.A few months ago my basement flooded when the ground water rose. All the carpeted areas in my house were damaged but the Allure floor withstood. Since it is a floating floor, I was able to shim up the ends and get air circulating under the floor to prevent mold. Now that we are dry, the floor looks as good as the day we laid it. I love this product and replaced some of the carpeted areas with it. Oh and I also bought a sump pump.

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Logan, UT
25 to 34,Male
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By: JimmyDIY
  • best flooring flooring for the buck
  • April 22, 2011
  • Recommended Product

This product has been around or more than can be installed over any surface.keep in mind if you have a nail head sticking out on the old floor it will show as a bump on the new floor.You can put it over holes or valleys with no real problem.the key to cutting the material is to use a sharp razor knife.scoring the front then simply fold it and it will snap along the score mark.for cutting out around weird shapes ie.poles heating vents ect. simple use a pair of vinyl shears or tin cut fairly easily.the key to installation is make sure the work area is clean and vacuumed. start with 3-4 full strips away from the wall linking the butt end together.then starting with a 1/2 piece line it up to you first row with the piece you are installing curled back so you can line your seems tightly. repeat until you have 2-3 rows doing it this way you will start out with a good square floor and will not struggle to get tight seemsthen slide all the assembled pieces to the wall and go to town.i have installed 1000's of feet for my customers with no issues.easy to clean, water will not wreck it like the other pressed paper floors out there.the only down side is the finish on it is not shiny like the other pergo type floors


kingston nh
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By: renovations
  • Fantastic flooring for a DIYer
  • March 23, 2013
  • Recommended Product

I recently decided to refinish my bathroom floor while the Mr. was at work this past week and used this flooring for the job. Our previous floor was 1" tiles that were cracking and popping up everywhere. After removing said tiles and checking the subfloor/attached underlayment for damage I made sure to sweep and vacuum very well. In total the bathroom is 11 x 8.5 with a few awkward areas that had to be tackled. If it had not been for making the rounded cuts around the toilet flange, I would have had the entire floor installed in less than 4 hours by myself!All I used to make this happen was a tape measure, utility knife, and a straight edge; and like magic the floor went down. I honestly could not be happier with the color, texture, and overall quality of this flooring. On the topic of color, I will say that it is a bit darker in person that the picture online, however that could also be due to my monitor and/or the dye lot that was used. I will be using this material for my kitchen very soon.

Pros: Feels Like Wood, High Quality of Material, Looks Like Wood, Easy to Install, Looks Great, Great Instructions, Easy to Clean, Comfortable, Looks High End

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  • DIY


25 to 34,Female
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By: MissyAGoGo
  • A Great Floor for the Money
  • November 26, 2012
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

There are many things to like about this flooring product;1] Full floating, click installation. Goes down fast.2] Labor saving. Cut by score & snap rather than power saw. This saves many steps [and stair trips if doing 2nd floor work]. You cut it where you're working. No dust, no waste. Occasional use of table saw for long rips were our only trips outside. Notches were best done w/ jig saw which we used inside.3] No padding or vapor barrier required. This saves time and money when installing.4] WATERPROOF! Great for basements, kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms.5] Appearance. It looks more natural than any vinyl product I've seen to date. I'm particularly addressing the Vintage Oak series, which has a deep texture and looks hand scraped.6] Warranty- Lifetime Residential, 10 year Commercial against wear.7] Cost. At about $3 per sq. ft, it's a VG choice in my book.8] Cleans easily. We use a vacuum or broom for dry dirt. A damp rag takes care of any spills. From a lifetime of experience I sincerely recommend you choose a medium tone floor. Very dark/very light floors show EVERYTHING. my choice was Vintage Oak Natural. I'm not disappointed.9] Feels good 'underfoot'. Several of our guests have commented on this. It feels good to me barefoot.Negatives are few and some are unavoidable as follows;1] Slippery. But only in stocking feet. Also beware of small rugs/mats that do not have a skid resistant backing.2] Scratch Resistance. So far, it has stood up well to our two 70 lb. dogs w/ sandy feet, however furniture or appliances w/ sandy grit on wheels/legs/glides can certainly scratch the surface.This is pretty much true of all floors. If you need really serious scratch resistance, consider porcelain tile.3] Impression. Though I've not seen this yet, I'm fairly certain heavy furniture/appliances will eventually indent the vinyl from their weight. Time will tell...I'm not planning on moving my heavy stuff ever again, anyway!

Pros: High Quality of Material, Easy to Install, Looks Great, Easy to Clean, Comfortable, Great Accent

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45 to 54,Male
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By: Randy
  • Beautiful Flooring
  • June 08, 2011
  • Recommended Product

This is such a beautiful product!!! We put this in one of our bathrooms, laundry room and hallway and what a difference it made!!! Our flooring is so pretty, we just love it!!!. We found out it isn't that easy to score and brake the tile. I found a vinyl tile cutter by Roberts at Home Depot that did the job. For anyone installing this tile, I suggest buying this tile cutter. It really made a big difference. Don't waste your time with razor blades!!! This tile cutter is easy to use.Suggestion: Make sure when laying the tile that it's completely set in the lock and groove. Try a 2x4 as a block and tap it with a hammer. If it isn't all the way in the groove, it won't look or feel right. Also, for transition pieces and quarter moulding, we used the ones for laminate. We found a color that matched this tile really nice, it's called SAND POTOMAC HICKORY.The installation looks AMAZING!!! Just love it!!! We're going to do the kitchen and dining area in a different color. We want a lighter color for those rooms. I highly suggest this product!!

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Lancaster, CA
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By: Marmargar
  • Good product overall
  • February 16, 2011
  • Recommended Product

This is such a new product so I think only time will tell, but I decided to write to help others thinking about purchasing. We have only had ours down for two months. We purchased this for our 120 year old house because despite all the work to level the floors during the extensive remodel - the floors in our house are not level. This vinyl product is a good option for those with floors that are not level.Just as advertised, the floors are water-proof, quiet, warmer than wood laminate, impressive looking with the wide planks and surface texture. The wear layer is the thickest compared to other vinyl laminate products. They hide dirt well and seem to hold up to all my kid and dog traffic. I love the color and over all look. I love not worrying about messes ruining the floor.As others have stated, installation is harder than the advertised "the easiest floor ever." Getting the pieces to lock was tricky and the directions where not that helpful. The guys installing it had to be creative in their methods. Because the product is thicker than most vinyl products, cutting was also harder.I am giving it a 4 mostly because I am disappointed in the repeat of the pattern. There are so many repeats! The guys installing it were careful to stagger repeats, but there are so few plank images that when viewing the whole floor, the repeats are noticeable. We installed 4 rooms with this product and over 50 boxes. We mixed from all boxes. Now that I have all the rugs down, it does not bother me as much. If you will have a large space with out any rugs, the repeats are definitely something to think about.


Slippery Rock, PA
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By: ArtsyJoy
  • Looks great ! Has texture, so it does not look so "artificial". just beautiful
  • January 12, 2013
  • Recommended Product

I installed this in a bedroom myself ..and no.. I have never never done anything like this before and am 67 years young.READ READ READ the instructions. I had some problem with the initial installing.. but "got it" after a couple of rows. Would be easier with two people of course. It did take me two days, because I decided to not try to do too much in one day.We then did a hall and kitchen floor and will do our living room and dining room as well . It is so easy to care for, even with a very active young Boxer and grandkids and their friends in and out of the house. It is holding up really well, considering this is Florida with sand sand and more sand.

Pros: High Quality of Material, Looks Like Wood, Sturdy, Looks Great, Great Instructions, Easy to Clean, Looks High End, Effective Cons: not really a "con"...just suggest a helper
  • DIY


Florida, USA
65 or over,Female
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By: Mimi
  • We LOVE our flooring!
  • May 13, 2011
  • Recommended Product

We installed this product in our home nearly a year and a half ago, replacing the 20 year old carpet (or so it looked) in all bedrooms and the main hallway. It is fabulous. Even a recent home appraiser thought it was real hardwood. We like it because it doesn't scratch with our small dog and cat living inside, cleans easily, has cut down on our allergies, is cool to the touch in the summer and warm on our feet in the winter, is easy to install, is easy to clean, and hides dirt. Our plan is to put this flooring into our bathrooms and kitchen and dining areas so that this will be the only flooring in our home. A great buy that we continue to recommend to friends who need flooring.


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By: davidinsocal
  • Things to be aware of:
  • September 25, 2011
  • Recommended Product

Buy plenty of spare blades for your utility knife, needs to be sharp for scoring and planks are highly abrasive.When laying out remember planks are 47.6 inches, not 48 long.Band saws makes ripping easier than scoring, but you will need a new blade at end of project.Don't count on hearing them snap into place, visually check every seam. Don't let gaps go as "good enough". Every suceeding row will amplify the error.Take care and you will have a very good looking floor.

  • DIY


55 to 64,Male
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By: Eddie
  • Great floor!
  • November 26, 2013
  • Recommended Product

We laid this flooring in our home office a little over a year ago and it still looks great! I work from home and have a chair on rollers. You would never know that I roll over it all day long! We also have dogs, no toe nail marks. Seams stay tight. We just purchased the same flooring and are in the process of laying it our bedroom and master bath. Color is rich. Highly recommend, although it is not as easy as 1 2 3. It takes a while to get the seams tight. Recommend a block and a mallet to tap them in place.

Pros: High Quality of Material, Looks Like Wood, Easy to Clean, Sturdy, Comfortable, Looks Great, Modern Cons: Difficult to Install

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Denver, Colorado
35 to 44,Female
28 out of 28 people found this helpful
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