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  • Check the FUSE!
  • March 26, 2015
  • Recommended Product

If these lights go out on you, check the fuse. I bought these lights 5 years ago when we bought our house. I didn't get around to installing them for another year. They were a pain to install for me because our cabinets are only about 12 inches from the countertop so there isn't a lot of room to work. Old house, weird quirks....Anyway, we loved the lights but after about 6 months they stopped working. We used them almost every night do I figured that maybe the bulbs burned out. I replaced all 6, they were expensive little bulbs. Still nothing. Since I had held onto them for so long before installing, I didn't have the receipt and I just gave up and left them there. A few weeks ago I won a similar set in a raffle so I tore the old ones out and threw them away. Now I see that it was just a fuse. Very frustrating! I should have asked an employee if it was common for the bulbs to burn out so fast. I am having trouble installing the new system and I wish I had these back. I really liked the touchpad dimmer and my new set doesn't have one. This is a total bummer. The lights worked well but as others have said, the cords are somewhat hard to hide and in no way is it okay for the fuse to go out every 6 months! At least I had saved my receipt for the pricey little bulbs! Knowing what I know now, I would still recommend these lights, but I would keep a fuse on hand.

Pros: Functional, Looks Great, Stylish, Very Bright, dimmable, touchpad Cons: cords difficult to hide
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Woodland, CA
45 to 54,Female
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By: Deeeee
  • dont waste your money
  • November 08, 2012

originally bought these about 6 years ago and was pleased. but...the last 3 years have replaced bulbs and power supply every 6 months since.quality has become very poor i not buy.

Pros: Very Bright


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By: angus
  • DO NOT BUY!!! Breaks instantly
  • May 31, 2012

I literally just finished screwing in the fourth light (was planning on doing 4 then seeing how it looked, add the other 2 later) and was tapping in the wire guide to hide the first wire when one light became super bright. I cycled the dimmer a few times with no help, it was twice as bright as the others. Unplugged it, plugged it back in, and the bulb blew. Annoying I thought, but not the end of the world.Well, it took out the rest of the unit so now none of them work. Just wasted an hour and a half installing them, though at least I didn't spend another hour hiding the wires before this happened. Reading the other reviews shows that this set is literally junk, don't bother because you're just going to waste your tim installing something that won't last. Maybe you'll get more than an hour out of them, but sounds like eventually you'll have to replace them.On the other hand, they did look great for the 5 minutes they worked!


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By: RegularGuy
  • Poor design
  • November 02, 2010

These lights are bright. They were perfect for putting under my cabinet when preparing food. The problem is in the design. The transformer cluster is huge and with all the extra plugs, it's just a mess.When I bought this from the store, the package had been opened. I decided to be nice and buy the open package, but when I got home I found out why it had been returned. The transformer had blown, so someone did a switcheroo with the transformer part, which was yellowed more than the lights.I returned the product and bought a whole new unopened package. After 2 months, I'm back in the same position. The transformer blew the fuse inside the plug unit. I took it apart, but the fuse is saudered to the circuitboard! you can't replace it without some saudering skills.I feel sorry for those who take the advice of the package and install the wiring inside the walls!


corpus christi, tx
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By: captainron042
  • nice light, large plugs
  • September 12, 2010

I loved the light and the dimmer feature, but I was really disappointed with how large the plugs were that linked the lights together. I wanted to use them under my kitchen cabinets after a remodel- but decided against it. The way the lights plug together, all the cords and the transformer box were all so big that there was no way to hide them easily under my cabinets. Very disappointing- I'm back to shopping for better lights!


Fargo, ND
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By: holly07
  • rough
  • January 14, 2011
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these are rough to install. I am an electrician and these are hard to install.also the transformer already burnt up, I am assuming its the fuse in the massive plug in circuit board.There has to be a better design out there. Plus these lights get blazing hot in a short time.....


McCordsville Indiana
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By: brian8760
  • Not bad
  • April 08, 2015
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What can you say, their lights. I like the fact that they are dimmable, but wish it was on a dial instead of the touch pad. Lights do look really good under the cabinets. They do get pretty hot so be careful what you attach them to.

Pros: Looks Great, Stylish, Very Bright Cons: gets hot

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Arlington TX
35 to 44,Male
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By: Josh
  • a fair purchase
  • October 01, 2012
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I installed these lights maybe 5 months ago, no real issues with them at all. I've had one bulb blow, and that seemed to be due to a power surge. I didn't have the experience of a blown fuse or anything like that.As far as the install is concerned, the most i had to do was purchase a few cheap extension cords to extend a couple of the connections. As for them breaking, can't say that I had an issue with that. Perhaps others may have been screwing them in a little too hard. They're plastic, its to be expected that they could potentially be lesser quality. I mean, you are getting 6 lights and 2 dimmer switches for under $40, so...

Pros: Easy to Assemble, Functional, Looks Great, Stylish, Very Bright, Good Size & Weight


Long Isl
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By: DIYBassist01
  • Poor bulb connection.
  • December 06, 2010

These pucks look good - nice trim for recessed installation, but after a few months of using I began having problems. The bulbs don't burn out, but they fail to illuminate. Taking off the cover and moving the bulb around while the power is one will make them work again - but only for that one occurance. Cleaning the contacts of the fixture and bulb don't seem to help. A classic "you get what you pay for" item.


Minneapolis, MN
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By: maysdad
  • Under counter puck lights
  • September 08, 2011
  • Verified Purchase

We really love the lights and the way they shine down onto our new back splash, but they were terribly hard to install. It took us 7 hrs. to put up 5 lights and two of us were doing it!


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By: Janie