Product Reviews For Lanco 5-Gal. Siliconizer Elastomeric Sealer

Overall Rating
  • worked better than I thought
  • September 06, 2012
  • Recommended Product
  • I put a new roof on in 2008. I researched this product alot, talked to contractors, etc, because I wanted to seal the exposed openings of the shingles.After two coats it looks obvious why in Hurricane country (Fort Myers, FL ) Caulked all opening and with same brand Caulk (flexible to heat and cold)Added 2 more coats (to seals where I caulked) and it has lasted 3 years and no problems. Cool to the touch and attic is much cooler.Must (lightly) pressure wash cause of MOLD after 3 years. I'm putting another 1 coat on because the cracks that I did'nt seal have become exposed alittle bit. I read a guy used sand for area's that puddle up. Part of my Flat roof does puddle up,Worth a try!!!
  • By: erkedinFortMyers2
  • The product is amazing.
  • June 07, 2012
  • Recommended Product
  • I have a 12,000 square foot roof and just used forty five-gallon buckets coating my roof. I have used a similar product for the past 17 years, but nothing comes close to this product. In the past every time it rained, I became agitated and could not sleep worrying about water damage to ceilings from the leaking roof. Now, due to this product, I look forward to the rain; the harder the better. Although no one has approved the method, I have found that by adding sand to the product, I can create a flexible patch that fills small dips in the roof that tend to hold water and cause damage over time. I found I can build up areas around vents and air-conditioning stands also by adding play sand. I add sand until the product forms a thick paste, then I trowel it on. Let dry a few days then paint over with a final coat without sand. Overall I paint three coats in areas where water tends to stand for a few hours and two coats on the rest of the roof. I have tried everything on my roof in the past and this is the only product that works without peeling eventually due to some persistent standing water. I am slowly working on filling all low areas with the sand method then re-coating. Originally I was going to only use the product on the wettest areas then use a cheaper product on the remaining, however, I discovered that I got a superior coverage by this product that actually saved me money. Last time I coated the roof it took 60 five-gallon pails with another brand.
  • By: Edge
  • reflective use only
  • May 22, 2012
  • This product has good reflective capability. However, it is more of a paint like product and does not provide the sealing capabilities of the asphalt based products. I recommend it only be used on new roofs to reduce heat build up.
  • By: DIYer
  • Good product
  • May 01, 2012
  • Recommended Product
  • It does what it says. Haven't yet given it enough time to see if it saved me money on electricity. As long as you watch the weather forecast and give it enough time to dry, you won't have a problem with it dripping all over the place. My advice, buy some pizza and beer and invite buddies to come help... its a boring task to apply it, and dividing it among 3 or 4 friends helps out alot... oh, and don't forget the sunblock...
  • By: cobracommander
  • Roof coating woes
  • June 29, 2009
  • I recently plied the elastomeric roof coating in hopes of reducing my energy costs on my home.Product applied fairly easily....but tacked up too quickly when rolling it out on a asphalt shingle roof. Then about 1 hr after i finished the last roll stroke..the afternoon rain storm came and my roof coating (water soluable) leached and turned my surrounding yard into puddles of milky white roof coating.....I sure hope it dries today. As far as energy usage? the roof/attic feels cooler....but time will tell when I get the electric bill.
  • By: Emoneyjax