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  • Perfect Kitchen Island for a Modern House
  • April 24, 2015
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

After tons of searching for a modern kitchen island, I came across this gem. It was less expensive than the regular islands AND I can move it anywhere I want. It was easy to put together, it's super solid and counter height. The only issue is I noticed the bottom drawer doesn't close all the way due to a dent in the back of the drawer. I have not contacted The Home Depot yet to see what we can do. Also the 5 drawers and BIG side cupboard gives my kitchen tons of new storage. It gets tons of compliments especially when people see it's meant for the garage. If you can, go to the store and order it there. They get the sales credit and if you can't pick it up, the delivery is cheaper. They don't have a model in the store which is a bummer but I went for it and it's a winner.

Pros: Durable, Sturdy, Easy to Move, Stylish, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design
  • DIY


Seattle, wa
45 to 54,Female
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By: Trixit