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  • Follow the directions when first starting the machine. It has a computer so that it calibrates itself.
  • March 17, 2013
  • Recommended Product

I was very uneasy about getting any HE wash machine. I never had one before and after reading the many different reviews I was wondering if I was gonna regret it. I even had them put the 2002 Maytag in the garage incase I need to go back. I wish I would have let them take the old machine away.I was looking at Maytag, Whirlpool, Samsung or LG only.Look on you tube about, Why Samsung top-load washers are better than LG top-load washers or LG washer explodes.When the LG plastic corner pieces snap the machine cannot balance. Maytag, Samsung, and Whirlpool use metal on those parts.Follow the directions when first starting the machine. It has a computer so that it calibrates itself. You only have to do this one time then your set. Mine is very quite and I cant tell its on unless I see the red lights when its running. It does a great job. I washed my king comforter fine.I think the glass top washers are a waste to pay extra for. I notice in the stores and online some people cant understand how these new HE machines can wash, compared to the old machines. Those are the people that think clothes are not getting clean. If they didn’t have the glass top so people could not see it work they would like the newer machines. The new machines work great.Its not 1985 and you don’t need a loud machine that takes 50 gallons to wash jeans or bed sheets. This is a big 4.0 size, you wont get that bad smell front loaders get. My mother has a front load Bosch. This is much more quieter and bigger. This is a much better deal than the front loaders in a 4.0 size. Remember on the front loader most guys that are 6 ft are not going to get down on the floor to get clothes out. Its 220-300 bucks extra for the Laundry Pedestal for a front load machine.I am glad I got this Samsung the house is much more quiet. Very happy.

Pros: Lots of Features, Easy to Use, High Quality, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design, Quiet
  • DIY


Centerville, MN, USA
35 to 44,Male
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By: 60gunner
  • Great washer at a good price
  • March 05, 2013
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

We reviewed many clothes washers until we decided upon this one. We wanted a high efficiency washer with water conservation measures that still cleaned clothes well and had a large capacity. This washer has been great! My weekly 5 loads a week has been reduced to 3 loads a week and I even use my dryer less because the high speed spinning gets the clothes quite dry. Also happy to see I can wash my queen-sized comforter in there, no problem. Love all the features and adjustable settings and, I have to admit, the little song that plays at the end is pretty fun. I do agree that the clothes get pretty twisted if you do the high speed spin, but you can choose a low speed spin. Overall, very happy!

Pros: Lots of Features, Easy to Use, Easy to Install, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design


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By: MDmom
  • This washer is better than expected
  • April 30, 2013
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

I loved my old Maytag appliances - they are 22 years old and still running. We left them behind, as gifts to the buyers of our previous home. So I did a LOT of research and determined that these Samsung laundry machines are the "Best Buy". They have not disappointed! One of the many things I love about Lucy, the washer, and Ethel, the dryer, is that they each sing to you when the load is done. My Maytag machines sort of yelled at you, so this is a welcome change!I have gotten used to the lack of an agitator and spreading clothes around the nonexistent agitator in the middle (as recommended). The only complaint I have - and it is nothing to do with the performance of the washer - is that the washer cavity is so large and so deep, that I, at 5'4", must stand on a little step stool to retrieve the clean clothes.It's so large and deep that I can wash a full set of king size bed sheets and the mattress pad, and know that they are clean when the machine is done!

Pros: Easy to Clean, Lots of Features, Easy to Use, Sturdy, High Quality, Easy to Install, Looks Great, Stylish, Nice Design
  • Pro


Texas, USA
45 to 54,Female
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By: eljayemc
  • No Vibration and cleans very well
  • February 07, 2013
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

We opted for a top load HE washer because our install is on a third floor. This washer performs very well and produces no perceived vibration in the house at all. Clothes come out clean, smelling fresh, and almost completely dry. This helps the 20 year old dryer a lot. The only downsides are it is a tad noisy and clothes come out a bit wrinkled so it is best to shake them out before loading into the dryer. Home Depot delivery was excellent and I recommend this washer to anyone that is looking for a great deal on a top load washer.

Pros: Lots of Features, Easy to Use, Sturdy, High Quality, Nice Design, no vibration Cons: slightly noisy


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By: zack
  • Exceeded My expectations
  • May 28, 2013
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

Washer easily handles my King Size blankets and down comforters. I have easily turned three loads of colored clothes into one load! great machine. the music at the end of each load is so entertaining, we get a kick out of it. Machine is overall quiet compared to my old machine. Rings clothes dryer than my old washer and that without the extra spin cycle. I think I made a good choice on this one. I've had the machine almost two months and have used it quite a bit. great machine!

Pros: Durable, Easy to Clean, Lots of Features, Easy to Use, Sturdy, High Quality, Looks Great, Stylish, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design
  • DIY


Bethlehem, PA, USA
35 to 44,Female
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By: RenayPA
  • Get the extended warranty
  • January 29, 2014

As I sit here waiting for the service man to come, for the third time in two months, I start to wonder how I can get rid of my 15 month old Samsung washing machine. I bought this machine in August of 2012 and was impressed with how quiet it was and how it seemed to get our clothes clean. I thought for sure Samsung had a winner. Unfortunately, I didn't do enough research I guess because just be fore Thanksgiving the washer was out of balance while spinning and broke the plastic holder for the pump leaving my clothes all wet and a tub of dirty water. After getting it serviced a week later everything worked fine until right after Christmas when once again, the pump didn't drain. This time it was a very fine wire that had become weakened when the original problem occurred that came apart. Now, less than a month later I am faced with another full tub and another "nd" code. Needless to say Samsung, did not stand by their product originally, despite the fact they realize there was a design flaw nor do I seek any satisfaction now. Instead I will just relate my experiences on this site as well as any Samsung product reviews. In the meantime, I am taking suggestions for the organization that is most disliked in order to "donate" this piece of junk to.

Pros: Lots of Features, Looks Great Cons: Not Durable


Ann Arbor, MI
65 or over,Male
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By: Sieben
  • Not what I expected
  • January 20, 2014

Not happy with this high-efficiency washer, seem not clean clothes very well with just a little water. Clothes came out still smell, washing time very long time. It said save water but if clothes came out still dirty and smell what really you saved for, it takes 56 minutes for normal cycle, and some cycle like 70-80 minutes. Now I really miss my old washer that clean clothes better.

Pros: Looks Great, Stylish, Good Size & Weight


25 to 34,Female
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By: Orchidzzz
  • So far so good
  • May 28, 2013
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

I purchased this unit about a month ago. After previously owning a LG front load washer that only lasted 3 years, I'm very happy this machine. It has every feature that we need and it is so nice to not have to worry about the maintenance that front loads require.

Pros: Easy to Use, Easy to Clean, Nice Design


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By: Josh
  • Broke twice in 2 years, flooded my basement + awful washer
  • June 11, 2015

I bought this 2 years & 1 month ago. It just broke for the second time since I bought it...1 month past its warranty. The first time fried some sort of electronic panel. This time it was the pump, which exploded in the middle of the wash and dumped several gallons of water all over my basement floor.The only reason I'm not furious at Samsung right now is that the machine breaking now means I can take it to the only place it belongs: the bottom of a landfill. Honestly, I have kinda been hoping this thing would break soon because it is awful at cleaning clothes. It is too busy being "energy efficient" to actually produce a clean wash, and "energy efficient" in this case means that it uses about 1/2 the amount of water needed to get the job done.I noticed when I first got the machine that all of my clothes came out of it strongly smelling like detergent. Sure enough, leftover suds would come out of them when they got wet because the machine doesn't wash away the soap you put in it. I tried using half the recommended amount of detergent and still had this problem. The only solution, it seems, is to put it on an extra rinse cycle AND full pre-soak, which means your clothes take about 2 hours to wash a single cycle.So in that sense I'm happy to be rid of this piece of trash & switching back to a good old fashioned top-loader without one of those stupid "energy star" stickers.

Cons: Not Durable, "green" efficiency means it doesn't wash clothes
  • Pro


Vienna, Va
25 to 34,Male
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By: PWMag
  • Great Washer!!!
  • July 23, 2013
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

I'm so happy with this machine. Everything comes out squeaky clean. It has a huge capacity, the buttons are super easy to use, I love the information it provides while it's washing, it's so quite while it's washing, and it plays a cute little tune when it's finished.

Pros: Easy to Use, Nice Design
  • DIY


Camarillo, CA, USA
45 to 54,Female
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By: vicsonthe101