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  • So happy with the first I'm buying a second
  • November 05, 2012
  • Recommended Product

We bought this model for the first time about a year ago and have been very happy with it. Yes it does cycle on and off frequently witht he auto settings, but the fan is quiet so this doesn't bother us even though it is in our family room where we spend quite a bit of time. We live in a two story home that is just over 2000 sq ft. and will be buying a second one of these for upstairs this season. I have seen others comments about the filter being "permenant" but not lasting. I will say I have replaced the filter on this one this year and did not have any problems finidng a compatible replacement (model number to look for is HWF-75 without the P on the end). I have had other humidifiers in the past with "permenant" filters and from what I have experienced none of them are really permenant, especially if you have hard water. This humidifier has made a big difference for me and my family in the fall and winter and I think that replacing the filter once a year is worth it for my family's health and comfort.

Pros: Performs Well, Easy to Install, Easy to Clean


Hampton Roads Virginia
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By: WVUknitter
  • A maintenance pig makes it moist.
  • December 05, 2011

I do want to echo everything James from Prescott, AZ said about this, as I've had exactly the same problems and concerns:* 1 tank never drains unless I wiggle it. The other will be bone dry, the refill light will be on, and the other tank is completely full. Makes no sense.* the filter isn't nearly as reusable as they would have you believe.* in the dry Colorado air, this is usually a refill both tanks 2x a day. This eats up about 10 minutes of each day, all total.* the 'auto' modes will cycle the fan off and on at 10 second intervals which is incredibly annoying.* I have to wash this filter out about once every other week to maintain absorbency.Now, where it earns its stars back, is the quality of the air in this house has improved quite a bit. I also never use the auto settings and leave it on a constant '1' (it goes as high as 3). Upwards from 20% to 35-40% when everything is running at a full-clip.


Aurora, CO, USA
25 to 34,Male
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By: Bippi
  • Don't buy just because it says permanent filter as it is not permanent
  • March 25, 2012

I had a console humidifier and wanted something smaller that would work for the whole house. Not very attractive unit but liked how it humidified the house. After first cleaning of the filter it started to fall apart; inner filling was coming out in rinse. Was able to use again and the second cleaning the filter came apart in my hands; no way of salvaging it this time. The main reason I bought this humidifier was because it said permanent filter on the box. False advertising. I have e-mailed Sunbeam and asked them to replace the filter for free. Will see what their response is.


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By: SweetPea
  • RE: "Permanent Filter" Claim
  • December 15, 2014

Sunbeam will replace filters if you complain. Call 888-264-9669, and tell them that you purchased the unit because it was supposed to have a permanent, lifetime filter. They have revised their instruction manual, and currently suggest filter replacement every 4-6 weeks, but that was not in the manual when I purchased this unit. They will ask you for the manufacturer date code which is stamped on the metal prongs of the plug where it plugs into the wall outlet. They have supplied me with filters at least twice, and last time told me they would continue to supply them until the 6-year warranty expired. You may have to ask for a supervisor when you call, but they are very well familiar with this feature that does not work as advertised.

Pros: Easy to Use, Good Size & Weight Cons: filters need constant replacement


Baltimore MD
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By: CalO
  • Quality Issues, Store Service Great
  • December 12, 2010

I'll get right to the point:Likes:Good sizeEasy to use controlsEasy out of box set upDoes put humidity in the air quicklyGood priceDislikesThe unit is defective as it kept cycling when it got to the preset humidity level...very annoying...on/off, on/off...constantVery noisy, especially in Auto 3 modeHard to read filter/condition gauge, kind of smallVery cheap feelWas supposed to come with casters, none in the boxFrom reading the instructions, I don't think the permanent filter is really permanent...I have seen on the web where people have had to replace the filter.The refill light does not go out, even though unit is full and running for hours ( again, another defect)Overall, when the unit is working, it works well...however the cycling on/off can drive you back it goes to the store today. I called my local Home Depot and the dept. mgr said it sounds like the unit is bad. I am going to try a different brand.


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By: RichNY
  • Extremely disappointing!
  • February 22, 2012

As others have said, the 'permanent' wick/filter is anything but. This was the ONLY reason I bought another evaporative type humidifier, so I was very unhappy to learn that it is the same as most other wicking humidifier elements: If you have hard water, they do not last! This one is completely worthless after less than 2 months, despite several cleanings to remove lime deposits. (Washing it in dish soap - as recommended - doesn't do anything at all for hard water deposits.)To be fair, my humidifier worked well before the element 'hardened'; it is quiet with the fan on low speed & it never leaked. This is the only reason I gave it any stars at all.


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By: smithski
  • Satisfied Yes & No
  • April 12, 2012

I like the Unit but the censor seems to be too sensitive.When the unit seaches its setting the Fan keeps turning off and on and drives you nuts.I set the unit at 60% which it can't reach and its running all night.One thing I do not like is that HOME DEPOT sells you something and then you can't get the Filters any more in the store.I hope Sunbeam & Home Depot read this.PS.Maybe you can help me get a filter.

  • DIY


Apache Junction
65 or over,Male
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By: Dutchman
  • I like it
  • January 28, 2014
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

This humidifier is simple and easy to use. I do not use the timing and bells and whistles. Got it because friends, who have tried several different ones, have this one and also liked it very much. It's quiet and does its job.

Pros: Easy to Use, Looks Great, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design


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By: dhollis
  • filter is not a Lifetime filter
  • May 07, 2011
  • Recommended Product

We've owned different ones over the years and decided to purchase this larger cap unit. I recall it mentioned the filter was a lifetime filter. not the is coming apart. we clean-out unit every month and soak and wash filter as suggested.good unit, but not as advertised.


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By: desertlife
  • Poorly Designed - Doesn't Work
  • January 27, 2012

After a week I've discovered the following. When the unit reaches what ever setting you've set it at it cycles on and off continuously, about three times per second, making it impossible to have it running in the auto setting at any number. On day seven the button for setting the humidity level quit working completely. I'm returning it.

  • Pro


Bloomington, MN, USA
65 or over,Male
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By: ChasMn