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  • Waste of Money and Time
  • June 12, 2008

Stay away from this product. Weak power, and narrow cutting path. Can't cut weeds or thick grass cleany.


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By: 911247666
  • Excellent Product - Really works!!!
  • May 14, 2009
  • Recommended Product

We used to have a gas lawn mower that my husband always had to use as I could never start it. We had one BIG PROBLEM - my husband is away on business a lot!!! I couldn't even hire students to do!!!! Our lawn was a mess!!! We decided to buy the cordless for me. The Black & Decker Cordless 24V mower is so easy to use!!!!! All I do is turn on the key and hold the handle open and off it starts!!! I keep it plugged in the garage!! Easy!!!It also does a very good job of cutting the grass and collecting. With this lawn mower, our lawn never goes unmowed and my husband gets the very much needed break from doing it!!!


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By: specky
  • November 30, 2007
  • Recommended Product

This mower gives plenty of power for the time it takes to get my large yard mowed. It has often chewed easily through long wet grass and still had enough power in the battery to complete the job. It's easy to use and light to push up the hill in my yard.


Edmonton, AB
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By: Schelle
  • limitations on battery technology
  • May 01, 2009

Bought this lawn mower last year, thinking saving the environment and money on gas, it was a big disappointment. My lawn is about 3000 square feet, the lawn mower just not powerful enough. The ads saids it can cut up to 1/3 acr in one charge... far from it. My grass has to be short and dry, otherwise, it only cuts 1/3 of my property size. and even when the grass condition is good, the cutting is not even, because the battery will lose its pwer as you cut. I was very frustrated to cut my lawn in 2 days. (the recharge time takes 8-9hrs.) I'm not sure if its good for a smaller lawn. I'm getting rid of it and getting myself a gas mower instead.


toronto, on
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By: LLuz
  • fabulous machine
  • June 12, 2008
  • Recommended Product

I bought this lawn mower and love it. I have a large yard 65' X 263' so I did not think it would cut it all on one charge. It did and it did a nice clean cut as well. It is very easy to manouver around. Wipes perfectly clean with a cloth when done due to cover over machine mechanisms. The handle is very comfortable with the soft foam grips and runs extremely quiet. Really simple wheel height adjustment. I have had an excellent experience with this lawnmower. I am overly pleased with it. It evens looks nice! Very modern and stylish.


Oshawa , Ontario
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By: Nothighmaintenance10
  • Marvellous Mower
  • June 23, 2008
  • Recommended Product

I had never mowed a lawn in my whole life.I chose this mower since I didn't want a gas one,and our property was too large to have a corded model.This model mowed the whole property on one charge easily.Wasn't overly loud,was easy to figure out how to use.I do wish it was lighter in weight,but that's the only complaint I have.I'm sure for a man its weight wouldn't be an issue,but for a woman it's a bit heavy.It's easy to push around,and I highly recommend this item.I can't fathom why anyone would want some polluting gas mower,and a model that has a cord seems awkward to use to me.Rechargeable is the way to go!


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By: Wistia
  • Cordless Electric has improved since the Nineties
  • November 19, 2007
  • Recommended Product

When the first mass market cordless electric lawnmowers came out I was living in California and everyone was buying them. They were heavy and had a sort of retro Soviet design. I'm glad I waited, although when you consider that one older gas mower can pollute as much as 3 cars, it might’ve been good to make the jump sooner.One of the best features of the B&D cordless mower is how quiet it is. I don’t need ear protection and I can use an iPod without cranking it up to Uber Loud. The mower starts instantly with the pull of a switch. My clothes never reek of gasoline. There are no oil changes, tune-ups, winterizing rituals or fuel spills.The mower runs for about an hour on a single charge, so I can cut about one third of an acre without running out of power. The only propulsion it has is from the muscles of the operator, so if you have a rolling yard you’ll want to be in good shape. But it’s kind of a nice way to get rock-hard glutes.The lead-acid battery recharges up to 60% in about 4 hours, and to 100% overnight. There’s no assembly other than a couple of wing-nuts. The safety key thing is a little arcane. You have to turn the provided key after inserting it into a receptacle just below the switch lever; otherwise the mower won’t start. You charge the mower in the same location by removing the safety key and inserting the DC charger cable.


Ontario, Canada
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By: ToolGirl
  • Great Mower!
  • November 27, 2007
  • Recommended Product

We bought this mower this year and love it! We live in suburban Edmonton and were able to mow both our decent-sized yard and lend the mower to our neighbour who mowed his whole yard on one charge (and the battery still had at least 50% power remaining!)!We love this lawn mower and would buy it again in a minute - it's safety features are especially helpful with young children around, and it's relatively quiet!


Edmonton, AB
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By: EdmontonAl
  • July 06, 2009

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  • July 01, 2008

Hopefully my review will save others the time and money when purchasing this product. We purchased our Black and Decker 24 V only three weeks ago. We spent alot of time on the net comparing different features and prices. When we decided to buy the Black & Decker it was because it was a Canadian made product versus the others made outside of Canada. We thought it was a good choice in case we needed parts. After we bought it and charged it I cut my front lawn which is roughly 1000 sq. ft. We were so impressed and bragged to all of our friends how we were going to save on gas and help the enviroment. The second cutting was a little diappointing the battery went dead and I only cut maybe 600 sq. ft. Well we thought that was a little strange comparing it with the first cutting. Well today I went out to cut the front lawn and I don't think I even cut 300 sq. ft. and the battery was dead again. Needless to say we were very disappointed in the Black & Decker Mower so we packed it up and brought it back to Home Depot.


Pembroke Ontario
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By: Sevillebaby