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  • Poor Design makes using this tool a chore
  • December 05, 2011

We have a great room with 18' ceilings and six recessed floods. Ladders aren't really an option, so this is pretty much our "go-to" tool for changing bulbs. It does work, but I'm amazed there isn't a higher quality product with better design. We've just purchased our second of these items, because of poor construction, and even new, out of the box, we have to make modifications to start with.THE POLE: The pole is a good length, and relatively sturdy and stable. But it consists of three sections, two of which depend on twisting it to release / tighten it. Since the pole itself is used for twisting, this often results in the pole untightening when loosening a tight-fitting bulb. I've had to actually use duct tape to tighten the pole at the expansion joints, just so it wouldn't loosen before I could remove the bulb.ATTACHMENTS: The primary attachment that attaches to the bulb consists of eight flexible metal strips of metal that are held together at their ends by a spring. The metal strips wrap over the metal spring, and end less than about 1/2 inch below it. The ends of these strips easily get caught on the inside edge of the cowl of a floodlight, and then you are completely out of luck .... not only do you not have the lightbulb, you have this tool hanging from your ceiling notched into a floodlight cowl without any method of retrieving it.Also, the suction cup is pretty useless. A more advanced cup should be easily available.ATTACHMENT FITTINGS: The fittings used to fix the attachments to the pole are made out of a cheap, soft, waxy plastic. Simple thumbscrews placed through this plastic are used to "secure" it. The plastic is of such poor quality that it can crack simply by overtwisting the thumbscrews, or by trying to overtighten the attachment, both of which are natural tendencies since twisting the pole frequently results in the attachments, rather than the bulb, unscrewing.SUGGESTIONS TO MANUFACTURER: (1) The pole itself, and its attachments, should not be fitted using a screw attachment, because it's meant for twisting, which generally tends to result in a loosening of the pole or its attachments, rather than the bulb. Use a simple notch and groove assembly, instead. (2) Remove the ends of the metal strips on the outside of the primary attachment, either by welding, or, preferably, just continue the end of the strip all the way back down to the attachment fitting. (3) Invest in a better suction cup. (4) Use a harder plastic or aluminum for fittings, and don't use thumbscrews; use some type of ratcheting system to secure fittings.Overall, it's not a bad product, but the construction is so bad that it might cost you more to fix the problems it might cause (e.g., if it gets caught in the light cowling of a 18' tall flood) than it cost to purchase the product. There's no popularly available product other than this one out there, though, so we just have to make due for now.


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By: biglogs
  • Good idea but not durable
  • August 20, 2012

I bought this because I had a single head floodlight that is high up on my 3 story house that I did not feel safe using a ladder. I have gone through 2 pairs of the floodlight gripper attachment. The first one broke. The second one it came with broke also. I was trying to unscrew the floodlight bulb and I heard a snapping noise and I turned i around and I saw it broke. I however was able to find the replacement attachment for the pole. Also the suction cup does not really work. It does not work if the bulb is screwed in tight by hand. I just spins of the bulb. The floodlight gripper I have to push down on the bulb which causes it to break easily. Personally next time I would just buy a ladder if it breaks again. Not durable and does not last long.

Pros: Nice Design Cons: Complicated, Not Durable


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By: handyman
  • Tip for spiral compact fluorescent bulbs
  • February 07, 2014
  • Recommended Product

When trying to remove the spiral bulbs-try inserting a small styrofoam cup into the bulb changer clamp. Worked great for me. Might even help with other odd shapes mentioned in reviews.


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By: dalegribble
  • Tip: Use two-sided tape to secure suction cup
  • December 01, 2014
  • Recommended Product

We have very high ceilings in our great room and high recessed lights outside. I have only used the suction attachment. I have been able to stand near the top of an 8' ladder and with this device almost fully extended change several bulbs. I found that the suction cup attachment became stripped after just a few bulbs. I added Scotch 3M two-sided-removable tape where the suction cup screws onto its attachment and then where this attachment is secured to the pole. You need to check these junctures to make sure they are tight before each bulb change. To secure the string, I tied it to a plastic laundry hook with a clip bottom. I wrap the string around the stem of the hook and then hang it on a rubber band at the bottom of the pole. This way I only need to unwrap enough of the string for the height needed and the string doesn't get caught in trees and bushes. The hook also provides a way to store the pole with the suction cup/string attached. This product is easy to use with bulbs that are low enough that you can stand on the ground and reach the bulb by only using 2/3 of the pole. Changing a bulb while standing on an 8' ladder with the pole fully extended is difficult.

Pros: less expensive than hiring someone Cons: the suction cup needs to be improved

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Louisville, KY
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By: moviegourmet
  • Product works great!
  • December 12, 2012
  • Recommended Product

The people who have trouble with this product have their light bulbs screwed in too tight! Light bulbs don't need to be over tightened. The tool works as it should.


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By: tourlooper
  • Works great!
  • January 27, 2011
  • Recommended Product

As a professional electrician, I recently purchased this product to change some light bulbs in a buidling with over 20' ceilings. It has worked without any problems.


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By: barron
  • Very easy to use and works!
  • January 07, 2014
  • Verified Purchase & Recommended Product

This is great, now I don't need my husband to haul out the big ladder or his help to get the lightbulbs changed. After 3 weeks of waiting for him - once I had this took me just a few minutes to get the four bulbs replaced.

Pros: Easy to Use


Nocatee, FL 32081, USA
45 to 54,Female
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By: MrsTAC
  • Terrible option
  • February 26, 2012

I have 18 foot ceilings and this gadget is terrible for changing the bulbs. I find that the locking gadget over the bulb just spins and spins; the suction cup is useless as you have to push very hard a risk damage to the bulb electrical area. Also, the end of the pole has a risk of getting stuck. Directions are terrible also. I do not recommend this product to anyone.


45 to 54,Male
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By: Tony1961
  • A disappointment
  • March 06, 2012

A real disappointment. Doesn't grip flood. Would not recomment.


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By: Kathleen
  • waste of money
  • May 28, 2012

I bought this to change a floodlight in a vaulted ceiling and it didn't work at all. When I tried to turn it to loosen the bulb, it also loosened the telescopic pole. It doesn't grab the bulb tight enough to twist it. It just fits around the bulb and then spins and spins. Nice in theory but it didn't work for me.


Utah, USA
35 to 44,Female
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By: singlemom