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    Discontinued Rhino Safe   Extreme Protection Vault Elect Lock 37 cu. ft. 1100 lb. 2.5 Hour Fire Rating UL Listed Outdoor Oak-DISCONTINUED

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    • Description

      The American made 1,085 pound, Rhino Extreme Protection Vault will give you unparalleled peace of mind and security against fire and theft. A patented drill plate and lock mechanism, 3/16 in. thick plate steel door, and heavy bodied 10 GA. steel constructions provide superior security against burglars. Extensive heat shielding and multiple heat activated door seals minimize heat transfer to your valuables during a fire. (2.5 hour/1200 degree fire protection). The interior is fully upholstered, adjustable, and reconfigurable, with factory installed florescent lighting. The safe is covered by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials, as well as damage due to burglary attack, or fire. Please visit our website at for complete warranty details. Manufacturing is monitored by UL to ensure consistent quality and security.

      • Heavy bodied 1,085 lbs. 37 cubic feet is up to 100% heavier
      • Rigid 10 gauge (.125 in.) thick welded steel body superior to 11 or 12 gauge
      • Rigid 4.5 in. thick composite steel door with full coverage 3/16 in. plate steel anti-axe protection
      • Patented Rhino Armor drill plate provides superior protection against drill attacks
      • Patented Rhino Lock and auxiliary spring loaded re-locker provide superior protection against lock attacks
      • Exclusive hardened and ground tool steel door bolts provide superior protection against saw attacks
      • Commercial high security UL rated electric lock is easy to use and program
      • Exterior battery access and EEPROM memory PIN code storage in case of battery failure
      • UL Listed RSC rating
      • Extensive heat shielding and multiple heat activated door seals maximize fire protection for 2.5 hour/1200 rating
      • 5 point vault-style handle with large diameter hinges and decorative finials
      • Fluorescent lighting and reconfigurable, adjustable interior shelving
      • Predrilled for anchoring to floor and dehumidifier
    • Specifications
      Adjustable Shelves :
      Average long gun capacity :
      Capacity (cu. ft.) - Total :
      Color :
      Out-Door Oak
      Commercial / Residential :
      Commercial / Residential
      Electronic :
      Exterior depth (in.) :
      Exterior height (in.) :
      Exterior width (in.) :
      Interior Depth (in.) :
      Interior Height (in.) :
      Interior Light :
      Interior Width (in.) :
      Lock Type :
      Peril Type :
      Product Depth (in.) :
      Product Height (in.) :
      Product Weight (lb.) :
      Product Width (in.) :
      Returnable :
      Safety & Security Product Type :
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      • Not what I expected.....
      • December 09, 2012

      After waiting 4 plus months, my safe has finally arrived at my home. With that said let’s talk about the actual safe. Packaging was very good and the safe survived transportation without any issues. First appearance is good, the safe looks nice. The exterior is finished nicely and is very attractive. The interior is well assembled and the carpeting is done very well. The door has a nice full 3/16 inch plate on the front and the door fits nice. So from the first inspection all looks good. Close inspection reveals the down sides. While they claim a 10 Gauge body and the actual sides of the body appear to be 10 gauge, the material in the door jambs is only 12 gauge. Why they felt it necessary to reduce the steel by two full gauges in the door jamb leaves me wondering. After all, this is the area that will be subject to prying in a burglary attempt. The door has only 4 active bolts on the open side with 4 fixed bolts on the hinged side. The fixed bolts may be 1 inch in diameter but appear to be bolted on the door and have been turned down in size making them far less than 1 inch in diameter where they meet the door. Therefore making them less than 1 inch true door bolts. The doors active bolts move through rough cut holes in the door frame with no sleeves or guides, just riding on the thin 12 gauge material. All four active bolts appear to be on one fixed plate and move together, so once the thief gets one moving they all will move together. The upper and lower bolts have tension adjustment in the door jamb, yet the middle two do not. The lock handle mechanism feels a bit rough and sluggish, not nearly as smooth as others out there. My safe arrived with a mechanical dial, not an electronic lock. The dial spins with a soft to hard motion while making clicking sounds with a spring loaded feel and floats off the number once you remove your hand, kind of like a giant out of balance wheel. The roof loses some fire protection as they have notched the fire material to make room for the included fluorescent light fixture instead of leaving a full sheet and hanging the light lower or using a lower profile light. To me this almost makes the last layer insignificant as it is not a full layer of fire lining. The safe has two fire seals. The outer seal is metal to metal and fits well. The inner seal is metal to carpet. I am not so sure this does much good in the event of the first seal failing as the carpet will surely deteriorate due to heat far faster than the seal, making the second seal irrelevant. I purchase this more for its fire rating than its theft security rating. I would not considerer this one of the more secure safes out there (thin door jambs, low bolt count, bolts reduced in size at mounting point, not sure about the whole locking mechanism), however I am optimistic that should the first fire seal do its job, the safe should meet my fire protection needs. I hope I never have to test either quality of this safe. To put it in a nutshell, the first impression is good, however this safe is not as good as I had hoped it would be. There are far better products out there to choose from. My next safe will not be from Rhino Metals.

      Pros nice exterior finish and color, interior carpeting well done, thick front plate on door Cons thin door jambs, dial lock feel cheap, all active bolt on one moving plate, door bolts reduced in size at mounting point
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      By: PapaSBear
    This item has been discontinued The Home Depot no longer carries this specific product.