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    Gila   36 in. x 1200 in. Heat Control Light Window Film
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    • Description

      Gila Heat Control Light Window Film improves your comfort level. This film is ideal for climates that do not experience high heat extremes. While not offering heat rejection as strong as our other Heat Control products, this film still helps cool down hot spots, reduces squint-causing glare and protects both floors and furnishings from damaging UV rays. Has slightly mirror appearance.

      • Heat rejection: Helps block incoming heat from the sun, improving comfort and reducing cooling costs
      • Glare reduction: Reduces incoming glare on televisions and monitors
      • UV protection: UV protection helps reduce fading on flooring, furniture, portraits, blinds and draperies
      • Aesthetics: Transparent light metallic gray
      • Can be cut to fit any window; typically applied to the interior window surface
      • Adhesive application; instructions included
      • For best results use the Gila complete window film application kit
    • Specifications
      Color :
      light gray transparent
      Decor Product Type :
      Window Treatment
      Decorative :
      Features :
      Glare control,Heat control,Removable/Reusable,Self-Adhesive,Suitable for curved surfaces,Washable
      Included :
      No Additional Items Included
      Mirrored :
      Orientation :
      Vertical / Horizontal
      Percentage of solar heat blocked :
      Product Depth (in.) :
      Product Height (in.) :
      Product Length (in.) :
      Product Weight (lb.) :
      Product Width (in.) :
      Removable :
      Returnable :
      Textured :
      Washable/Reusable :
      Window Treatment Product Type :
      Window Film
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      • Great Film
      • May 22, 2012
      • Recommended Product

      I am a 61 year old woman with peripheral artery disease. When I bought the 100’ roll to do my whole house, I intended to ask my sons to help me put it up. When I realized how busy they were, I decided not to ask and just tackle the job myself. I had no handyman skills whatsoever. If I were to give one piece of advice that helped me more than anything, it is to watch the video! It is on the film website, and it is much, much more valuable than the instructions. It’s also short...maybe five minutes? Sure, they make it look too easy, but it’s worth a watch. The baby shampoo works great; you don’t really need to spend your money on the installation kit unless you don’t have things available, ie, a spray bottle, baby shampoo, razor blades and something to press the film into the corners. The yellow tool that comes with the installation kit is great for that, but I think it was rather ridiculous to buy the whole kit. Some people say to use a credit card. It’s smaller and you might have a harder time with it, but maybe it’s okay. If you have something that’s hard plastic with a straight edge that’s bigger, use it. The installation fluid in the kit goes so fast, so if you are planning to do more than two windows stick with the baby shampoo and forget the kit. Half a capful in a standard squirt bottle will do just great (or follow directions in the video.) You’ll need a large table or other work area to cut the film. Don’t use the floor; even if you clean it, it will be too dusty. Don’t forego scraping the windows with a razor blade. I figured my windows were clean enough and just cleaned them as usual, then had to go back and scrape it when I realized the TINIEST little thing would show through, and you’d never be able to get it out once it dries (without ruining the film.) Once the windows are clean and dry, measure the window and cut film a couple inches bigger than the window. When I did the bedroom windows, I cut them film and then brought it to the bedroom and laid it flat on my bed. I first wet one side of the film (the real side, without the backing) then turned the whole film over and started to pull off the backing. (yeah, I got my bed wet...first time I’ve done that in 59 years, lol.) That backing is a bit of a pain. You have to take it off little by little. If you try to pull it off in a big swath, you’ll have parts of the film bunch up and cling to other parts, and you’ll have a heck of a time pulling it apart. Oops...there goes one piece....back to the cutting. But if you lay it on a flat surface and pull little by little evenly, you’ll avoid any hassle. Once you have the backing off, wet the film completely and then wet the window. Yeah, I know they say to do it the other way around, but in Arizona, that window will get too dang hot if you do it first. Once you get it on the window, the rest isn’t that bad. Use the yellow tool or credit card or what have you, and smooth it out as they show in the video. One thing to watch out for; the film is so heavy from the weight of the water that it will sag, slightly, and you have to pull it back up. I have 6 beautiful windows and one with an 1/8th of an inch gap at the top, because I didn’t realize it. Live and learn. I should have fixed it, but too lazy! After you press all the corners with the credit card or yellow tool, then you’ll have to cut the excess with a razor blade or the green cutter they provide in the kit. That green thing will be useless after the second window...you can’t sharpen it. Better to use razor blades, and don’t try to do more than two windows per blade...you’ll regret it. I have a slight tear in one corner from where I used a dull blade. I’ve put a flower pot there, so no one will notice. Although I needed a stepping stool to get to the top of the window, it was pretty easy even with my peripheral artery disease. I didn’t have to stand for too long. Once it’s on the window, it takes maybe 5 minutes to smooth out and cut. This project is not as hard as it seems, if you are careful not to let the film stick to itself....trust me, even if the film is wet and you think it won’t stick to itself, it does. My windows are great, I put this on at the beginning of a billing cycle (summer) and was pleasantly surprised by the first bill, so I decided to write this review. My comfort level has gone way up. No one but me knows where the flaws are and everyone in shocked and gushes how they never knew I was a handyman. I laugh and say, “Neither did I. “

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      Phoenix, AZ, USA
      55 to 64, Female
      95 out of 95 people found this helpful
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      By: Katybug
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    Gila 36 in. x 1200 in. Heat Control Light Window Film

    • light gray transparent
    • 180
    • 1200
    • 36