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    Discontinued Allure Walk In Tubs   4.58 ft. Right-Drain Walk-In Whirlpool and Air Bath Tub in White

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      The Allure 55 in. Walk-in Bath Tub provides the ultimate in accessibility and comfort. This spacious walk-in tub is 29.5 in. wide, 55 in. long, and a luxurious 3 ft. deep. The perfect replacement for conventional bathtubs, this walk-in tub is designed to fit most standard tub footprints and is equipped with a 2-piece front and top extension panel to ensure beautiful installation into any 58 in.-60 in. tub space. Meticulously assembled by hand, combining a sturdy stainless steel frame, one-piece tub construction, and premium materials for exceptional quality and lasting durability. Relax and soothe aching muscles with 6 hydrotherapy jets, while 21 amazing air injectors deliver an unparalleled therapeutic massage, head to toe. An inline heating system keeps water at your ideal temperature, so you can enjoy a bath for as long as you choose. Built for safety and effortless entry, this walk-in tub features a handheld shower and 5 ft. extension hose to comfortably shower when seated. The no-leak door lock and advanced sealing system offers a dependable watertight seal every time you bathe. A sturdy mounted grab bar provides stability when entering, exiting, or seated. The textured floor gives additional peace of mind and convenient mounted towel bar keeps a soft, dry towel within reach. Simple to install with standard 1/2 in. hot and cold water connections and 2 in. drain line. Comfortably enjoy a safe, healthy, and independent bathing experience with the Allure 55 in. Walk-In Tub.

      • Marine grade fiberglass construction utilizes the highest quality-material available for superior durability and lasting strength
      • 21 air bubblers and 6 water massage jets that can be easily controlled and adjusted to ensure your walk-in tub delivers the ultimate, customized hydrotherapy and relaxation experience
      • 6 adjustable steel leveling legs can be adjusted for perfect, simple installation while maintaining the minimal, low walk-in threshold for the safest and easiest access possible
      • Textured slip-resistant floor is comfortable against soft skin, yet provides full slip resistance coverage to maximize safety, comfort, and enjoyment
      • Contoured, molded seat with integral lumbar support is ideal for sitting down and getting back up ease while providing a more comfortable bathing experience
      • Polished chrome safety grab bar and low-entry walk-in threshold for added safety, performance, and peace of mind
      • Adjustable hand shower head includes 3 settings (massage, mist, standard) provides a luxurious and comfortable shower
      • Solid stainless steel tubular frame with 6-point support system reinforces the walk-in tub to further enhance stability, strength, and durability
      • In-line heater system maintains your comfortable, warm-water bathing experience for the entire duration of your bath, regardless of length
      • Complete faucet hardware included crafted from high-quality materials and built to enhance and compliment existing bathroom hardware
      • Standard 2 in. copper and brass drain with overflow gives peace of mind knowing that the best, most durable materials are used for connection and installation
      • 1 HP motor provides efficient power for the jet system and makes using the hydrotherapy jet system cost effective and very affordable
      • Includes door drain with one-way check valve for a leak-proof, worry-free bath every time
      • 10-year manufacturer warranty means you're covered by a company that places customer satisfaction, safety, and health above all else
      • A dedicated 110-Volt/30 Amp supply is recommended
      • Certified cUPC electrical
      • Meets ADA (Americans with disabilities act) standards for accessible design
      • All Allure tubs meet standards for walk in tubs including UL, CSA, IAPMO, and ANSI
    • Specifications
      Color Family :
      Color/Finish :
      Control Type :
      Door Swing :
      Right Hand
      Drain Location :
      Exterior bath shape :
      Faucet mount :
      Tub Mounted
      Included :
      Material :
      Maximum Number of Occupants :
      Number of Jets :
      Number of jet settings :
      Product Weight (lb.) :
      Returnable :
      Tub Depth (in.) :
      Tub Height (in.) :
      Tub Installation Type :
      Tub Length (in.) :
      Tub Width (in.) :
      Tub/Shower Features :
      Adjustable Jet Direction,Adjustable Jet Flow,Slip-Resistant Tub
      Voltage (volts) :
      Water capacity (gallons) :
      Wattage (watts) :
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      • October 04, 2015
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      I seriously love this tub! When I first told people I was going to get it, they laughed at me thinking it's a tub for only senior citizens and allot of other things that I thought I would address here. Time to fill: Yes, it does take some time to fill BUT you can turn on the air bubble jets right away and your feet are SO HAPPY at that point, the time it takes doesn't bother me at all. It's like pleasure that starts at your toes and works it's way up until the tub is filled. Also because of the shape of the tub, it's like you're sitting in a big cup and the rest of your body that isn't in the water yet is warm from the heat of the tub filling and I usually have the bathroom window open even in winter. Time to drain: It has a nice big drain in the bottom and it drains pretty fast considering how much water it's holding. I always leave the air bubblers going as it's recommended to leave them going a couple minutes after all water has drained to clear the lines anyway, so I'm STILL enjoying my bath even when it's draining. Space: It is big! I'm 5'5" and sitting I can stretch my legs out straight towards the overflow drain and still have a little space between my feet and the other end of the tub. It's much wider than our previous tub as well which makes it very comfortable. The foot basin area is HUGE too and I love that because sometimes I sit in that area too (don't knock it till you've tried it trust me!) I'm not a skinny minnie but I don't feel cramped at all. It's easy to get up as long as there is water in the tub. The Air Bubble Jets: The small silver circles. Turn them on at the switch as soon as you start filling the tub and you'll be very happy. Well situated thru-out the tub. According to the men in my house, gentlemen may want to protect their privates until they know how/where the front seat bubbler is going to hit you and then adjust for comfort. You laugh but that's what I was told :-) The Massage Jets: Large Circular Jets 2 located at your back, 2 at your calves and 2 for your feet. These should not be turned on until the water is above the jet spouts at your back or you may end up with water sprayed EVERYWHERE in your room. And if you lean forward remember to shut them off first as well. Directional adjustable somewhat, Pressure adjustable -righty tighty is closed or less pressure, lefty loosey is Open full pressure. Adjust before turning on: the easiest way I've found for adjusting these is to actually stick my finger in the center of the jet and turn. Now the best part of this feature is that if close down some jets the ones that are open with have even a stronger pressure than when they are all open. So, you can work a specific area that's bothering you even more by doing that. Now of course you can just sit there and let the jets hit you or you can slouch down and the back jets will hit your neck and shoulder area. I rotate my body some in front of the jets to work the area even more. The In-line Heater- works marvelously! It will maintain your bath temp without having to add more hot water no matter how long you are in the tub as long as you have the air bubble jets turned on. My understanding is that when you turn the air jets on it takes a reading of the temperature and then will maintain that temp. SO, if it's summer and you'd prefer a cool soak, it wont heat your water more than the temperature of the water you put into the tub. *The air bubble jets small silver circles heat up at least in the seat area, and I've found when I had my skin was touching one it was hot enough that I did NOT want it touching my skin. I had first looked at this tub when I was caring for my mother who had Alzheimer Disease, and I would be concerned that if she were in there she might not be able to express that her skin was touching it until it burned her. Unfortunately she lost her ability to walk before the tub was installed. Faucets- Beware they do get HOT! I think they are stylish looking, and hot and cold levers are easily controlled even with your toes. ;-) I like the shower head 3 adjustable spray settings. If the shower head isn't seated properly it will sometimes fall back into the tub slightly. The Overflow Drain- located quite high on the tub so you can fill that baby DEEP! This is also where the long chain for the floor drain hooks onto. My only complaint with this and I'm going go call the company and see what suggestions that have but it is constantly coming off my tub when I'm trying to pull the chain for the plug because it doesn't appear to screw in -it only has these little pegs that slide into holes on the tub side. There was caulking or putty put there by the installer but it doesn't seem to do anything really. Nothing bad happens when it falls off it's just a pain. The Floor Drain- is large and drains pretty quickly. Other suggestions: Have a GOOD exhaust fan in your bathroom. When installing it if you have the room, have the installer build a little ledge area on the wall side of your tub so you can more easily overhang your arms on the edges.Wish I had done that. I took a large pillow that was from an outdoor patio set to use between the wall and my head which was a perfect fit. I also bought microfiber dish drying mats and cut them to shape of the back wall ledge because sometimes you do get some wild wayward bubbles. Both the pillow and the drying mats are machine washable as well. Be aware that this holds allot of water and we were worried that our water heater wouldn't be big enough to handle it, but we just turned up the heat on it and it does the job. **This will be the beginning of your soaking addiction, once you're in, you don't want to get out. Once you're out you're already planning your next soak.

      Pros Durable, Easy to Clean, Lots of Features, Easy to Use, Sturdy, High Quality, Easy to Install, Looks Great, Stylish, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design Cons overfill drain doesn't secure well to tub

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    This item has been discontinued The Home Depot no longer carries this specific product.

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