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DIY vs. Pro Installation

Think about how much you want to be involved based on your skills, time, confidence and budget.

Building Codes

Research the fencing guidelines in your area. Sometimes a building permit is required.

Panels vs. Pickets

Panels are typically faster to construct. Individual pickets are often more attractive on slopes, allowing you to create a straight line across the top.


Determine the placement of your gates and how many you���ll need. Measure and document gate sizes.

Linear Feet

Determine your property line (your utility company can help) and how you want your fence positioned in relation to it. Outline your fence perimeter with spray paint and measure. Then, subtract your gate length. For panels, divide the footage of fencing by your panel width. For pickets, determine both your picket width and spacing between pickets.

Digging Depth & Potential Hazards

The depth might depend on your climate (in colder climate, you���ll want to dig below the frost line). Make sure you won���t be interfering with utility hotlines or pipes.

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