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Night Lights Add a Glow Any Room

Whether you’re preparing the nursery for baby or looking for something to make bedtime a bit easier for your toddler, a night light is a must-have for parents. And, they’re useful in many areas throughout the home, too. 

Light for Little Ones 

Unlike harsh overheads that shine light throughout the entire room, plug-in night lights cast a soft, warm glow in the nursery and similar areas. When placed in an outlet close to the crib, they allow you to tiptoe in and check on your sleeping child without disturbing them. 

Toddlers and older children have a wide range of cool options to choose from. You can liven up a kids room with decorative lights that match their interests, from Batman to Star Wars to Frozen. LED projectables bring light and a new dimension of fun with designs projected on the ceiling. 

Beyond the Nursery 

Night lights aren’t just for kids. They make middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom much easier (and safer) for people of all ages. For light that will have minimal impact on your sleep quality, consider a red night light, which researchers say doesn’t confuse your circadian rhythm like white does. Or try a motion-sensor option that only comes on when you get out of bed. 

Alternatively, you could install a toilet night light, which emits a soft brightness from your toilet seat, gently and safely guiding you into the bathroom. You can even purchase night lights with the bulbs already included.

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