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Lamp Shades: A Simple Boost for Your Decor

Lamp shades may seem like a minor detail in your overall lighting scheme, but they can have a major impact on your space. The best lamp shades will cast a flattering glow on your entire room, while a poorly chosen shade will de-emphasize your lamp base and surrounding furniture's best traits. 

How to Pick a Lamp Shade 

Size: The width of your shade should run about twice the width of the lamp base, and the height of the shade should be a third shorter than the height of the lamp base. This will ensure that the lamp hardware is covered and that everything looks proportional. Browse lamp shades online to find the appropriate size. 

Shape: Choose lamp covers that mimic the shape of your bases-round shades tend to look best on round lamps, while square or rectangular shades look best on bases with sharp angles. There are also bell- and empire-shaped shades available. 

Color: White lamp shades allow the greatest amount of light to shine through, while darker shades give a more nuanced light that can impact the mood of a room. A red lamp shade, for instance, can create a warm, romantic feel. 

Style: Neutral shades made of natural materials, like burlap or linen, literally shine the spotlight on a beautiful base, while more decorative lamp shades act as a focal point.

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