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Choose the Right Door for Your Cat

Cats crave freedom-it's one of the many things we love about them. If you don’t want to open the door every time your pet wants a change of scenery, install a cat door. 

How to Install a Cat Door 

It’s surprisingly simple-all you need is a drill and a jigsaw. You’ll use the provided template to outline where it will go, then drill and cut the door to install the frame and door flap. 

Train Your Cat to Use the Door 

While installation is the easy part, training your pet to use a lockable cat flap door can be tricky. First, leave the door flap off to get your pet used to walking through the opening. Once they get familiar with how it works, put the flap on and lower it in stages, using strong tape to hold it in place. Use food and treats to encourage your feline to use the door. Keep your training sessions to a few minutes at a time. 

Keep Unwanted Pests Out 

If stray cats or other feral animals are a problem in your neighborhood, an electronic cat door can help keep strays out, your pet in. Magnetic cat doors also keep the door securely shut. A magnet on your cat's collar opens the flap when your pet gets close to the door.

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