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The right wall-mounted timepiece can be an accent or the focal point of your room's decor. Going for a steampunk look? You can find a fascinating wall clock that is also a unique work of art. Living in a modern loft space with an industrial feel? A giant, oversized wall clock can add visual interest in even the loftiest spaces. From the most traditional to the completely modern, there's a wide selection of wall clocks that will make a timely addition to any space. 

How to Highlight a Wall Clock 

Hang clocks in places where they'll be most useful, such as the kitchen or above your desk. They should be easily visible and complement the design of the space. Are you envisioning a large wall clock as the focal point of your living room? These can be used anywhere for dramatic effect: dining rooms, kitchens, even bedrooms. Smaller clocks offer more flexibility and can be combined with other decor such as art or decorative shelving. 

Find a Fitting Wall Clock
 - If your home is traditional, consider a basic black wall clock. A pendulum clock also makes for a classic decorating piece. 
 - In a farmhouse-style home, you might choose a rustic clock made from reclaimed wood. 
 - For a Victorian home, or any home featuring antique furniture, select a vintage wall clock.
 - If your home is a loft space, hang a large digital wall clock with other wrought iron wall decor to complement the modern look.

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