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Art work can really pull a room together and infuse the space with your personal style. And, choosing good artwork isn't as difficult as you might think. Just keep in mind - there's no "right" way to select art to decorate your walls. You can hang modern art in a traditional room, or mix older-style paintings with modern decor. Now that you're ready to get started, use these decor ideas as a guide to add some inspiring works to your space. 

Make Your Walls Unique 

One way to personalize your walls is to curate artwork that represents the chapters of your life. Select nautical-themed, high-resolution giclee prints if you've lived by the sea, or assemble a series of crisp photographs of your favorite city. You can also incorporate wall pictures with words or sayings that are relevant to you. 

Abstract wall art like metal sculpture add visual interest and contemporary wall art establishes a modern feel. Remember, wall decor is a way to express yourself, so don't be afraid to go big with large canvas wall art. Just make sure it's narrower than the furniture it's hung over so it doesn't appear too bulky.

Tie It All Together 

Look for wall decor that pulls colors from the rest of your room to unite different themes. If you group many pieces together, place the main focal point in the center of the group and heavier-looking framed artwork toward the bottom for balance. 

Combine a balanced mix of wall decor styles to really make a statement. When you allow other elements, like lamps or plants, to slightly overlap your wall artwork, you'll visually unify the objects. Not sure how to secure wall art decor? Browse our tips for hanging and arranging pictures.

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