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Enhance Your Sound with Acoustic Panels

When you create your own music or listen to your favorite band's new album, it helps to have sound that’s as clear and crisp. Soundproofing foam or acoustic insulation can balance the sound in most rooms. It reduces echoes, and can even help you achieve studio-quality sound right in your own home. 

Find the Right Acoustic Panels 

Studio foam wedge panels work well if you have a small to medium-sized space. They'll help you reduce sound distortion. You'll need sound-absorbing wall panels if distracting noises are a problem. You can hang panels from the ceiling if you have limited wall space. 

Green Sound 

Many of these sound proofing products are made with recycled materials. Acoustic noise control rolls made from recycled plastic drink bottles can be cut to fit walls or ceilings, You’ll also find panels made from cotton textiles. 

Acoustics Panels Can Look Good, Too 

They don't have to be an eyesore. Stylish gray acoustic foam panels blend in, and you can hang them with simple adhesive strips. Fabric-wrapped studio foam panels come in many shapes, including square, triangle, rectangle and round. Find a color to suit your style, or choose a paintable finish to truly make them your own. Keep the panels looking fresh with a quick vacuum or sweep them when they start to look dusty.

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