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Create a Spa Experience with a Whirlpool Tub

Create a true spa experience in your bathroom with a whirlpool bathtub. Whirlpool tubs offer full-body relaxation by using jets to pulsate and soothe your muscles while you soak comfortably in a perfectly heated bath. 

Find the Ideal Soak 

Today's whirlpool bathtubs incorporate a range of features you can explore in this video to maximize comfort. Arm rests, neck rests and lumbar support keep you fully relaxed in your spa tub, while adjustable jets allow you to dial in the intensity of your hydro massage and even focus the massaging action on your feet, legs or back. Look for an air bath if you want a jet tub that also stimulates your skin by releasing thousands of tiny warm air bubbles. 

Many KOHLER whirlpool tubs include amenities such as Bluetooth connectivity, heated surfaces and even a lighting system that provides a color scheme to match your mood. 

If you want a deep soaking tub, some models incorporate special drains that add an extra two to three inches of water depth. You can also find a two-person bathtub to give you all the space you need. For safety, look for a whirlpool bath with a textured surface on the floor. 

Get the Right Fit 

Jet tubs are available in many different configurations, they can fit into an existing alcove or a custom platform. A freestanding whirlpool tub makes a bold, stylish statement in the bathroom, and there are even walk-in tubs for the ultimate in accessibility.

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