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Delicious Waffle-Making Ideas

The coffee's on. The birds are chirping. There's just one more thing needed to start a great day: waffles! So, choose the waffle maker best suited to your needs, grab the syrup and enjoy this breakfast favorite. 

The best waffle maker for your home will depend on how many people you're cooking for. If you have a small household, a compact Belgian waffle maker might do the trick. If you need to churn out a lots of waffles, you'll want a double or possibly a four-slice waffle maker. There are even specialty and Disney character shapes available

Find Your Perfect Waffle Maker 

A Belgian waffle maker, with its deep pockets, is a must-have for any waffle connoisseur. Waffles aren't just for the home cook, however. If you love to camp, you might consider a waffle iron that functions fireside for a crispy-browned breakfast treat. 

Consider features like the flip capability of the Presto Flipside model. Rotating the waffle press while cooking ensures even distribution of the batter to create a more satisfying treat. Many electric waffle irons also have built-in timers and non-stick surfaces, making breakfast even easier. 

Get Creative with Waffles Feeling fancy? 

Use your waffle maker for something other than, well, waffles. Brave bakers can try pressing grilled cheese, cinnamon rolls, hash browns and - yes- even pizza. If you’re a dessert lover, a waffle cone maker will bring the ice cream parlor to you. You can even create a Belgian waffle bowl with a specially designed waffle maker, and then fill it with anything you like.

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