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Keep Food Longer with a Vacuum Sealer

Looking for a way to extend the life of your favorite foods or significantly reduce the amount of storage space they require? Vacuum sealers remove excess air from food preservation bags, reducing storage size, and helping foods last up to five times longer. 

Vacuum Sealer Basics 

Food sealers range from basic to professional quality models and help preserve fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables. 

Meats can be neatly stacked in the freezer; dried goods can be packaged into flat containers to increase your pantry space. You can also make and freeze meals ahead of time, cutting down on prep time, and trips to the grocery store. With a vacuum sealer, you can portion your food, use only what you need and create less waste. 

Choose the Best Vacuum Sealer 

How do you choose the right sealer? If you're always eating on the go, a portable vacuum sealer that re-seals chips or other snack bags is a handy place to start. If your kitchen is a fully efficient eatery, state-of-the-art vacuum sealers with bagging material included can take you to the next level. Many machines let you choose between using vacuum sealer bags, rolls, and even canisters as needed. The bags, which are a set size, are perfect for preserving portions, while the roll allows you to determine how much space you need per package. Vacuum packing food in canisters creates less packaging waste, so it's the perfect option for eco-friendly homes.

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