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Expand Your Culinary Skills with a Mixer

A high-quality mixer is key for accomplishing a wide array of tasks in the kitchen. What other small appliance can help you make sausage, mill grain and juice citrus fruit? To master these and many other culinary tasks, you can find mixers ranging from basic to elaborate with endless attachments. 

With so many choices, which mixer is right for you? Here's a breakdown of your options: 

Hand, Stand or Specialty Mixer? 

Start with a hand mixer. These are practical and affordable, they don't take up much storage space and they can be used with any bowl or pot. A stand mixer, on the other hand, only works with its own accessories and attachments. 

For anyone who loves to create and experiment in the kitchen, stand mixers are a necessity. Sturdy models like the Cuisinart seven-quart stand mixer will give you a break from chopping and kneading, allowing you to start on other prep work while it whizzes away. These versatile appliances do take up some counter space, but there are some truly beautiful options to consider. KitchenAid, for example, boasts a wide selection of designer colors and finishes. 

Don't Forget the Attachments 

Attachments really add versatility to your mixer. Most stand and hand mixers come with a few basic attachments, but offer many more. Do you like to make pasta, ice cream or bread? There are attachments you can use to make many family favorites. You can even swap out the standard bowl for a ceramic one. Shop for mixer attachments if you're looking for something specific.

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