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For Healthy Eating, Choose a Food Dehydrator

If your midday snack usually consists of vending machine munchies, consider using a food dehydrator to prepare healthy snacks ahead of time to replace that bad habit. This countertop appliance slowly reduces the amount of moisture in foods using a fan and super low heat. This process improves the shelf life of the food while preserving the nutritional value. Learn how to dehydrate fruit, meat and prepare granola with your food dryer so ready-to-eat healthy treats can curb junk food cravings. 

What's the Best Dehydrator? 

A top-of-the-line 10-rack dehydrator lets you make many snacks at once. If you only prepare dehydrated food for yourself, however, take a look at the capabilities of something like the affordable four-tray Presto food dehydrator with adjustable temperature control. This model also allows you to add more trays if you decide to upgrade. 

Excalibur, Presto and NESCO dehydrators each offer different features. Some models have extra accessories and special functions. A beef jerky dehydrator includes a jerky gun, while other dehydrators have built-in timers. 

Get Creative with Your Dehydrator 

Home food dehydrators can spice up your life by drying herbs. Or you can delight your dog with homemade treats. Did you have a bumper crop in the garden this year? Preserve the harvest as veggie chips or dry diced vegetables to use in winter soups. Get crafty with your dehydrator by preserving flowers or even making papier-mache. With the right equipment, quality ingredients and a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

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